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Quot;Runninbare&Quot; I Am a Sub In Search of a Dom I Am Currently a Grad Student Am Have Become More Knowledgeable About the Bi-Curious Scene But Want To Learn More.

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"RunninBare" I am a Sub in search of a Dom I am currently a Grad student am have become more knowledgeable about the bi-curious scene but want to learn more. I want to be a sexual partner who will give more then I expect to get. AM INTERESTED IN LEARNING WHAT I DO NOT NOW KNOW. I am interested in learning the many aspects of "THE DARK SIDE" of feminine sexuality. Last Visit: 7/ 2/01 View Sexual Interests Topic - (add to yours) ...read more.


View Dreams & Goals Topic - (add to yours) View Physical Stuff Topic - (add to yours) View Fantasies Topic - (add to yours) View Entertainment, Sports & Hobbies Topic - (add to yours) View Personality Responses Photo #2 Photo #3 Photo #4 Ideal Person - A kind, patient considerate person who is an experienced Dom! Or......? P h y s i c a l I n f o r m a t i o n Gender Female Marital Status Single Race American Indian Born on March 20, 1977 (24 years old) ...read more.


Smoking/Drinking I'm a non-smoker/I'm a light/social drinker G e o g r a p h i c a l I n f o r m a t i o n Lives in Wieppe,Idaho,United States Find restaurants near RunninBare Speaks English Send Email (Last mail sent July 2, 2001) Top of Form To: RunninBare Email your friends about RunninBare! From: Simpatico12 Subject: Message: Check to CC a copy to yourself Check to attach a copy of your profile Photo attachment: Bottom of Form You can now send a voice message to RunninBare! NudeCards to RunninBare from Nudecards.com! Top of Form Bottom of Form ...read more.

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