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Reclassification of marijuana

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Marijuana is Harmful and Should be Reclassified to a Class B Drug I find it alarming that people of my generation seem to be under the impression that the smoking of marijuana has no harmful effects. They think that it is alright to be 'stoned' regularly and seem to be unaware of any adverse effects. I gather that they feel the feelings of relaxation and heightened senses outweigh any health concerns or 'downers' felt afterwards. At the moment we see very graphic anti drink driving campaigns to good effect so I can't believe that there is no such campaign for the abuse of marijuana. This is a subject close to my heart because; the son of a close family friend was a sporty teenage boy with a bright outlook until he began heavily smoking cannabis unbeknown to his father. Things went out of control very quickly and he ended up in a mental institution suffering from paranoia, schizophrenia and hallucinations amongst other physical illnesses. Seeing his son like this emotionally destroyed his father. ...read more.


This is due to an uncontrollable release of the chemical dopamine from the brain. The main disorder being caused by this is schizophrenia The current drug culture in Northern Ireland is beginning to spiral out of control with younger people joining the thousands of users every day. After the reclassification of cannabis to a class C drug certain genres of people see it as a harmless bit of fun. They are obviously forgetting that it is still illegal and that if you are found supplying the drug you will face a prison sentence. For possession of the drug you will be formally cautioned and have the substance confiscated by the police. Again in Northern Ireland the substances used to bulk out the pure cannabis is highly toxic. To make the form of the drug known as "blow" the manufacturers (mainly paramilitaries) melt down bins, plastic bags, plastic bottles and alarmingly pour in oil. This is all to create a hard block that when heated can easily be softened and crumbled into what ever type of drug taking equipment you happen to be using. ...read more.


As it swerved past a car the driver lost control. The BMW smashed into jeep killing a newly married couple and their two year old son. It then ploughed into a Volkswagen but only caused minor injury to its occupants. Sadly though the five people in the BMW all died at the scene. But what links this into my argument is that the man driving the BMW had huge amounts of cannabis residue in his system. Surely we do not need more reason than this to introduce more stringent laws surrounding the consumption of or possession of cannabis or we may have more horrific accidents like this to write about. It is my contention that it is time the dangers of marijuana must be subject to the same type of campaign as drink driving. There is also no doubt that when a user of marijuana does not get the same euphoric feeling as they used to they will move onto harder drugs and entering a downward cycle of destruction. By reclassifying marijuana to a Class B drug it would go some way to exercising much needed control over this dangerous and insidious drug. ...read more.

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