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Reflection on teaching placement

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Reflection Description My sixth period students begin to enter the classroom and many of them speak to me as they enter. The bell rings and I walk into the classroom closing the door behind me. I immediately begin telling students to sit and begin the warm-up that is written on one of the white boards. As the students settle they begin their warm-up, but many of the same students continue to laugh and play during this period. I call for the warm-ups, which are then collected. Daily I launch the lesson with few interruptions, but there is always the occasional excessive talking. After the lesson has been launched I let the students loose to explore the concepts at hand. I begin to circulate the room to assess students and to keep students on task. ...read more.


Before I could finish completely going over the problem the bell had rung and class was over. Analysis Forest can be considered an underachieving and unmotivated child. Something that I hear each day from him is that he can't do math. Forest does not have confidence in himself. When I am working with Forest I can tell that he understands the concepts that we are covering, however, there are times when he makes mistakes. What student doesn't make mistakes though? It is when I leave him to complete some work on his own that he falls right back into the "I can't do" mode. It can be the exact same problem, but with only the numbers changed. He must build his confidence and I must help him in doing that. When I talk with Forest about his life long dreams he immediately tells me he wants to be a football player. ...read more.


This has made the problem evening more challenging. Plan of Action When working with this student I am presently trying to show Forest the positive correlation that exists between football and school. I believe that it is important that he sees this. I am also working with Forest to help build his mathematical confidence. I am doing this by actually working with him one on one. During this time I am leaving him periodically to give him time to try problems without me. Then I return to help him. This seems to work and is slowly building his confidence. I have trying to connect with Forest outside of the classroom, this helps build a genuine relationship. I want Forest to know that I care that I will do whatever it take to get him to turn things around. I hate to see kids with so much potential throw it out of the window. With a little guidance and encouragement Forest can overcome his current attitude. ...read more.

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