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Religious Schools- Advantages and Disadvantages

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By: Subject: Sociology Teacher: Religious Schools Religion has always been a touchy subject in today's society, as any inappropriate language used, whether you mean it or not, will be marked down as "racial discrimination". Thus, religious education in schools has been one of the most debated topics, as it concerns the education of our future generation, and consequently, the future society. Religious schools may prevent students from socializing with students from other religions and give a wrong concept of the society that we live in, but it helps shape children's morals and improve their academic achievement. Being stuck in a religious school prevents students from interacting with students of other religion. They'll have no idea how to deal with people of other religion or even people with no religion at all! Gang fights between ethnic groups and terrorist attacks can be prevented by sending all students to public school. ...read more.


Schools can organize after religious school activities after school, and students who are interested can join these groups to know more about their religion. Science and religion have lots of conflicts, and "a Jewish student remarked that although she believed in creationism, she was confused about the conflicts between the Bible and evolution, and said, 'There is no actual proof that God created earth.'" (Cosner, 2008). According to students, the Bible says that God created earth, while their science teachers tell them about an explosion billions of years ago, and the dust created earth and all living objects on earth. The students end up confused. Religion is mostly based on superstition, which helps people who don't understand science to make sense of reality. "Religion relies on authority - from a person, book, or tradition - and its Truth is supposed to be universal and eternal. But in science, the authority is in the evidence and reasoning, which are always open to challenge; so science's truth is relative and tentative" (Willett, ...read more.


Religious children will be influenced by their environment to be a good and caring citizen. Using religious reasons to constrict children's behaviour will enable them to learn to care for others, and they will grow up to be desirable citizens who will do their best for the society. So as we can see, religious schools have their advantages and disadvantages. Although they prevent religious students from interacting with the outside world more often and use up precious time teaching religion courses, they produce students with higher morals and better academic achievements. There will be no end to this controversy, but improvements can definitely be made. For example, religious schools can try organizing more trips to public schools and let religious students mix with those from public schools. These interactions will enable religious children to have a better view of the society. Schools can also try reducing the amount of class time spent on prayers, and instead organize religious clubs and activities outside school time, so that students who wish to get involved can enjoy themselves praying, while students who don't can have more free time. ...read more.

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