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Research Method for sociology investigation - The first method I have chosen to use is Questionnaires

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The first method I have chosen to use is Questionnaire’s. I plan to do this by handing out question’s to different type of ethnic groups and gathering the information and putting it into graphs my questionnaire will total of 9 question 4 open and 5 closed questions. I hope this will help all my research aims because my questions would be referring to ethnic groups and attitude towards learning and also pressure or support they get a home.

The strengths of this method will be that it will be quick and easy to fill in and that it there is no cost as for I will be handing them out instead of posting them because it is expensive also as for I am handing them out in my school it is much easier as for the person would know me and speak openly, closed questions would give a quantative data. Another Strength is that they are anonymous so the person wouldn’t feel embarrassed and because there is not much open questions the person wouldn’t have to write a lot.

The problems with this method will be that people might lie to make them-selves look good or people might not complete the questionnaire because some of the questions are open so they might not want to write, if they do this it would be harder for me to draw conclusions. Another weakness is that It is difficult to go in depth questions and it is also difficult to develop or elaborate their answer.

The second method I have chosen is primary data. I plan to do this by writing about people’s views on ethnicity and education and comparing it with other ethnic groups and gathering the information and writing it out this means that this would be qualitive data. I will write about ethnicity, education and how they link. I hope this will my research aims because I will be talking about ethnicity and education.

The strengths of this method will be that it would be easy and I wouldn’t and also as for I am giving peoples view this means that it is cost free. I will be writing about what the people have said and their suggestions and as for I will be talking to people from different cultures and so the person might feel okay with giving their views.

The problems with this method will be that people might not know English very well so it might be hard for them to talk and also they might feel embarrassed about their accent and also as for I am speaking to the person this means that it won’t be anonymous so the person might feel pressured by me to lie.

The final method I have chosen is to examine secondary data. I plan to do this by look at statistics from the internet and reading books I will be writing the information I get so this means that it will be qualitive data. I hope this would help my research aims because I will be gathering information that are fit my research aims.

The strengths of this method is that it will save time and money and also it will serve as a bias comparison for other data. Also it pinpoints the kinds of people to approach, and it Aids in determining direction for primary data collection

The weaknesses of this method is that it May not be in target with research and also the Quality and accuracy of data my pose a problem. Furthermore it may give me outdated data and also the internet is data availability  

I have taken into account ethical issues by keeping it anonymous and before asking anybody the questionnaire testing it on my self to see if I would be uncomfortable answering them.

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