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Research studies in the US show that an increased consumption of soft drinks instead of the more traditional drink of milk has contributed to increased incidences of obesity and tooth decay.

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Introduction Since 1980 there has been a continuing growth in UK consumption of soft drinks. According to one of the market leaders Britvic, "the 31 million adults currently in the UK over 35 were the first generation to grow up with soft drinks. They make up over 50% of the population and control 80% of the countries' spending. They grew up in the Coca-Cola, Robinsons and Ribena culture and continue to consume soft drinks, as they grow older. In addition, they introduce their own children to products thereby ensuring virtually universal penetration". (www.keynote.co.uk) Research studies in the US show that an increased consumption of soft drinks instead of the more traditional drink of milk has contributed to increased incidences of obesity and tooth decay. In the UK the consumption of soft drinks has increased over the long term due to many factors, such as: * Negative publicity surrounding the anti-social aspects of alcohol, including drink driving restrictions * The use of soft drinks as a substitute for caffeine-based hot drinks, partly due to health consciousness trends * Demand from children for packaged drinks, driven by effective marketing by large companies, combined with general 'snacking' aspect of British culture * Wide distribution and availability, large selections in supermarkets and corner shops, bars, cafes and fast food outlets Overall the soft drinks industry has grown due to the willingness of consumers to experiment and try new drinks. The major categories to emerged over the last 23 to 30 years include cartooned fruit juice, bottled water, adult soft drinks sports and energy drinks. We will look at what influencing factors affect the consumption of these soft drinks. Demographics One of the most important influencing factors, which can affect consumer behaviour, is demographic factors. Demographic factors are individual characteristics such as age, sex, race, ethnic origin, family life cycle, income and occupation. Demographic factors have relevance on who is involved in family decision-making. ...read more.


These small cartons are aimed at kids and prove to be handy, especially for lunches and are a better alternative. Due to the health craze that has arisen, companies are producing other products to suit the new lifestyle that people want. People no longer want to be drinking coke, coffee and tea which all contain ingredients such as sugar and caffeine but they want natural drinks such as water. This could come in the form of fizzy, still or flavoured. Companies are also taking note that people are doing a lot more exercise and sport and are using this to promote energising drinks such as BPM, Red Bull and even Lucozade sport. It does not matter what class you belong to in society it does not change your tastes. If you like something it usually does not matter how much it costs, you will find a way to buy it. Even people with money would not always buy brand labels and why should they if Tesco offer them the same value for money. Although own brand drinks are more popular for people with large families and a large amount of kids as it proves to work out cheaper for them and they usually end up buying more than two bottles a week. Personality An individual personality is the sum totals of those traits, which define his, or her individuality and which cause one person to be different from another. Personality traits are particular characteristics or aspects of this total personality. They give rise to behavioural responses to external stimuli that are enduring and consistent within a person's psychological constitution. These traits are ingrained and stable dispositions to respond to certain situations in particular ways characteristic of that personality. The traits, which make up the individual personality, have two main sources. Some of them are inherent, coming from our parents. This was the viewpoint of Freud and Jung. ...read more.


and Dasani (bottled water brand) has doubled over the past two years, analysts suggest that growth may slow this year as those markets mature. In my opinion I believe coke is going out of fashion. Researcher's found that consumer's had an emotional connection to the drink: a connection based more on nostalgia and sentiment than on physical attributes. Coca-Cola had been an all American icon, which consumers had grown up with. Observing people's drinking habits would suggest to me that bottled water and diet drinks are much more popular. A generation ago, coca-cola was much more popular, but as people's perception's change, coca-cola has become less popular Motivating Consumers Today, much of Coca-Cola's advertising is based on reminding the audience that Coke is a part of the American culture, as well as part of the spread of that culture around the world. One of Coca-Cola's new advertising campaigns is the use of the "Harry Potter" character. We can tell from this that the advert will be mostly directed at children. In my view this is a technique used so that children will pester their parents to purchase the product, just because they can relate to the character. However, non-profit organisation's have criticised Coca-Cola because they claim children's health will suffer due to sugary drinks. On the other hand Coke claims they are promoting the vote of writing and magic. The use of pop stars promoting their products would also boost consumer motivation as consumers may relate to them, say for instance age group or type of music they desire. Promotions would also boost consumption along with television and print ads. Pepsi one of Coca-Cola's major competitor's also launch major advertising campaigns. Recently they set up with Paramount Pictures in relation to Tomb Raider. This was to publicise its Wild Cherry Pepsi drink with the "Raid the Pepsi Promotion". As MTV attracts teenagers Pepsi looked to them to promote it fruitworks beverage. The MTV/fruitworks electronic sweepstake was ongoing for one month and consumers had a chance to win a trip to MTV's New Year's Eve party. . ...read more.

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