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Research work on the existence of hierarchies in school

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Research work on the existence of hierarchies in school I will deal with topics such as power, politics and admiration. I will use cultural relativism in this case, although, being it my own society; I may become tempted to include some of my own bias in the analysis. Above all, the comparative anthropological study of politics and therefore of power is concerned with showing how political systems function and how people act or are prevented from acting within them. Nevertheless, we have to think that the actors rarely see the full context and consequences of their acts, and that the anthropologist's analytical task consists in working this out. I will also base my analysis on notions such as "false consciousness"; that is to say, the idea that some members of a group ...read more.


The techniques used will be: first a survey to all students as to discover the main focuses of power in a class, and later an observation so as to make a personal analysis of how power is distributed among its members. The survey question in the survey was: * What aspects of a person make you admire him? The results were: HumourGood WillRebellionIntelligencePhysical att.4%15%26%13%42% Later I chose to do a second interview survey on the class, asking 40 members why did they admire subjects I felt were the most admired or popular. I named the subjects Y, Z, T and X. Then Again, I was forced to unify the answers into the fields or areas I had used before. ...read more.


Aspects of T that made people admire him: The subject is admired due to his phisical attributes and Intelligence when it comes to tests. I strongly feel that the techniques I chose to use gave me enough information on the matter for me to develop the concepts and ideas mentioned earlier. Basing my analysis on the data I become tempted to say that there is a distribution of power, of which some are excluded, I base myself in the lack of trouble I found in discovering the mos popular or admired subjects in the group. Thanks to the techniques I chose I found the quality of the data to be of use for me and how they both had almost the same answers. I plan to explore what repercutions and origins this distribution of power has so as to determine the basic bases over which, hierarchies are founded. ...read more.

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