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Scholarly detachment in scientific research.

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Rosa Luis SOC 300 Zake 10-13-03 Scholarly detachment in scientific research is possible for many reasons. For example if I was doing a study on deviance in lower class family's it would be easy for me to be influenced by my religion, culture, as well as emotions for feeling pity towards certain families. Therefore my research would be biased supporting the fact that everyday life is influenced by values, morals, etc... It is impossible for a sociologist or anybody doing a study or research not to get emotionally attached or involved in their work. I agree with Bendix when he states that "Men of letters became "socially unattached" when they were emancipated from their subservience to the church and to private patrons" (Bendix 63-64). When you become socially involved in a group of certain issues that becomes all you know and all that influences your discussions and reasoning. Reasoning however to Marcuse is Knowledge or atleast should be based on knowledge. "Man, the individual, was to examine and judge everything given by means of the power of his knowledge" (Marcuse 358). If every man judged or contributed or even made decisions based on his knowledge of the matter would we not all be scholarly detached because we all have different levels of knowledge depending upon our backgrounds, cultures, morals, IQ, potential, determination, etc... ...read more.


Mental illness, crimes, riots, violence, work, satisfaction, neighbors and neighborhoods, motivation and so on- these are the constructs of the practice of government" (Smith 379). So basically if I am a white female in my twenties have never been arrested, live in a middle class neighborhood I would fit into a particular group set by the government not by my own opinion so that the government can have control and knowledge of society to learn how it works and functions. As Bendix would argue theories are always changing there is no set answer because there re so many biases. This is shown in Smith's article also where she contradicts herself as to say that woman are bias and are influenced by values etc... because they have so much more to worry about than man although it is clear that she feels that government has set entities for us and there is no variation. Marcuse however would also argue with both Bendix and Smith because he feels reason is knowledge and how a decisssion should be made. All the knowledge you know about a subject should be how you react to that situation. ...read more.


This shows how in Smiths article the government would class them as lower class in need of funds and put them on welfare, but they do not know the person individually and she was a fighter found her group and manage and to her she probably does not consider herself poor as the government would because she now can put clothes on her children's backs. The whole concept of biased studies to me is true. There is no possible way to not be biased about something you study because you are studying it because it interests you. IF we were to only make decisions and reason by the knowledge that we have we still would all be different because knowledge itself has flaws. Everyone learns what they want to learn or teaches what they want to teach because who is society or the government to state what to learn and how to learn it. The world itself is a huge web of knowledge with different ideas and perspectives which allow us al to be biased towards topics, ideas, and concepts because we as humans are not perfect and there is no answer as too how we should live. Happiness is determined within oneself and we are who we think we are. The only thing that is fact is what we have created in our minds. ...read more.

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