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Sexism is a form of prejudice.

Extracts from this document...


Sexism is a form of prejudice when people dislike someone because of their sex and they don't know the person that well. Sexism is also a form of bullying; it could be a boy bullying a girl because they don't like the girls. The prejudice then turns into discrimination, which is when the sexism starts to become physical. The history of sexism is that women were delicate and had to stay at home to do the cooking, cleaning etc. But during World War 1 and 2 women had to do men's jobs. Then in the 1960's the Women's Liberation Movement came to order and men and women had to be treated equally. 1984, the Equal Opportunities Act said that men and women had to be treated and paid equally so that there was no discrimination. Also in Medieval times men had to be loyal to women, for example they had to put their coats on the floor so that women didn't get wet. This was known as chivalry. One other thing is that in the 1930's women got the right to vote. In this investigation I am going to study Division of Labour in the home. I chose this because I think it'll be important to know about sexism in the home between men and women. I am going to study schools. I chose this because I think it'll be interesting to find out what schools were like 20 years ago and find out just how sexist they were. I also chose media. I chose this because I think it'll be an easy topic to cover, as I will be able to get a lot of information from different sources. In this investigation I hope to prove that sexism has decreased in 20 years. I think this because men and women like to have ago at things and don't stand for not being able to do things that the other sex can. ...read more.


Some of the bands featured in this programme are quite sexist, here are a few: - - The Sugar Babes are sexist because they are an all girl band. Why can't they have men it to? - Bonjovi is an all male band. What's wrong with having girls in it? Well the band has been around for years so maybe sexism was worse then. - Ronan Keating is a male solo artist, but he has girl-backing singers who are all dressed up wearing not much. Why couldn't he have male backing singers? Would they look too puffy? I am now going to discuss cartoons. Not a lot of people realise that cartoons can be sexist in a lot of different ways. One cartoon that dates back to over 20 years ago and is still being made now is Tom and Jerry. In a lot of the cartoons its just Tom and Jerry fighting but sometimes they will have a female cat as one of the characters. She will always look attractive towards Tom like a sex object but Jerry always seems to end up kissing her at the end. If there are ever humans featured in Tom and Jerry then it's always a woman. She is the one who does all the housework and takes care of the animals, why can't a man do this job? Another cartoon that I think is sexist are the Bugs Bunny cartoons by Warner Brothers. In some of the cartoons there is a hunter trying to kill the rabbit (Bugs), his name is Elmer Bud. As I noticed he is a man, what's wrong with a female hunter? Are they not strong enough? Sometimes there is a female rabbit called Babs, she is used as a sex symbol for Bugs to be attracted to. A cartoon that I think is really sexist is The Simpsons. In the household where The Simpsons live there is the mother Marge, the farther Homer, and the children Bart, Lisa and Maggie. ...read more.


Using information from English, Science and French textbooks that I revise from, I didn't really find anything that sexist in them. The textbooks contain information that I don't find sexist and they are also illustrated. They don't just have pictures of men or women it contains both, and I would say that they contain even amounts of pictures of each sex. Another good thing is that the pictures in these contain pictures of men and women of a different race e.g. Chinese, Asian etc. I looked through an old science textbook of my mams from over 20 years ago and I found it really sexist. It wasn't so much the writing, it was illustrated, and the pictures were all of men apart from maybe 5 or 6, I found this disgusting. I am now going to discuss a survey of my own. I did a survey on people's favourite subjects from now a days (appendix 3). The people I asked for favourite subjects now were people from my school and friends from others. The results I got are as follows: - I found that in English there are a lot more girls that like the subject than boys. I found that girls liked the subject maths more than boys even though there weren't a lot of people who chose it as their favourite. Science again wasn't a very popular subject by either boys or girls but there were still more girls than boys who picked it. The foreign languages French and German were more popular with girls than boys. Woodwork is very popular with the boys in fact not 1 girl picked it, exactly the same happened with metal work. But, the technology subjects textiles and food (home economics), was picked by only girls. Sport was quite a popular subject with the girls but there were more boys who picked it. The after school humanities subjects were very unpopular. A few girls only picked history and Geography and RE wasn't picked at all. ...read more.

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