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Sexist and racist scenes in Goldfinger

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Sexist and racist scenes in Goldfinger During the 1960's, when Goldfinger was released, the cultural society was very different and racism and sexism was part of society. It was this moment in time that Martin Luther King began his black equality policy and his famous speeches reflect how bad the racism had got. Bond's portrayal as a patriarchal Englishman is common among the whole James Bond collection. With Bond there is also often a showing of his unchivalrous nature, in the way he has no problem in seeing a female get hurt, even though nowadays it isn't politically correct. ...read more.


Bond also naturally talks down to women in a very patronising manner, it seems rather insulting to women watching it nowadays when there is a lot more freedom and independence for women. An example of Bonds approach to women is that when Bond is in the Miami hotel and he takes the maids keys from her belt and opens Goldfingers door while she is protesting, he then calls her "very sweet." and proceeds into Goldfingers room. Another patronising scene and probably the worst by far is that of Dink, in this scene Bond playfully slaps Dinks bum and sends her on her way while Bond and Felix have a "Man talk". ...read more.


Moneypenny provides a sense of morality into the plot and unlike the other women she isn't just out to have sex with Bond, it almost seems like she wants to marry him instead. Racism, also rife during the 60's, is conveyed in this film through the Korean guards and workers Goldfinger employs. Also during the 60's the Korean War was going on emphasising Bonds heroicism even more due to his enemies. As well as this Goldfingers personal henchman Oddjob, also portrayed as Korean, is Bonds main rival during the film. This suspicious character, actually a Japanese/American, conveyed the public fears of the time, which was the enemy of society at the time, communist North Korea. A.Matthews 11B ...read more.

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