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Sexual abuse.

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SEXUAL ABUSE Many would think that it would never happen to him or her. Well, better be safe than sorry. It may come as a surprise that as many as one in ten young women has been abused sexually. Sexual abuse- including rape and incest- occurs when another person touches or fondles part of a body, which has sexual attributes. As we have categorised sexual abuse into two further groups, we would be first touching on incest and then rape. Incest occurs when a person, who is a close family member, either fondles the sexual areas or has sexual intercourse with a young man or woman. How many young men and young women are victims of incest are not known, as incest is usually kept as a 'family secret'. However, a recent study suggests that as many as one in twelve children or young women or men has been assaulted sexually. Many victims of incest put up with frequent sexual assaults and only later declare that they had been incest when they have become adult. In the case of a young woman, the sexual abuser is usually her father; less often it is an uncle, a grandfather, a brother or stepfather. ...read more.


They rarely would make up such a story simply because they usually do not have the knowledge or experience to imagine such a story. If older people believe a young person when she complains of incest, it will help to reduce the frequency of incest. It is difficult to reduce the incidence of incest as in most cases the abuser has so much power over the victim that she or he is afraid of telling anyone about the abuse. The situation might be helped if incest were talked about more openly and if society admitted that it was not uncommon. Information could be made in schools, as part of a personal development programme, so that a child or a teenager could feel that they can tell other people if they have been sexually interfered with or assaulted. They should be made aware that if they are not believed, they should be persisting on till they receive help! Now, we shall go on to the second group-rape. Rape occurs when one person forces another to have sexual intercourse. At the time of the assault, the person is forced against their will. ...read more.


Myth Fact Most rapists are working-class, foreign born men. Rapists come from all classes of society, all ethnic groups, all religions. Myth Fact A woman can't be raped by her husband. A woman who is forced against her will to submit to an unwished-for sexual assault by her husband is being raped Rape is a humiliating, a degrading and sometimes a terrifying experience. A rapist may bruise or scratch his victim, or hurt her genitals or her mouth. Even if she has no physical damage, she is usually, but not always, hurt emotionally. Women cope with being raped in many different ways. Some women feel dirty. Some women feel ashamed. Some women become depressed, cry a lot, are unable to sleep, or cope by trying to forget the rape, be eliminating the rape from their thoughts; others want to talk incessantly about the ape. If the disturbing, negative feelings persist over a period of time, the woman transmitted disease, or that she will get over the rape. Women do get over rape. Recovery from the effects of being rapid is quicker and easier if, as soon as possible after being raped, you can have someone you can talk to: someone you like and respect, someone who will be supportive, who believes your story and who treats you as a human being. ...read more.

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