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Should men and women re-take their natural position in society? My answer to this, is no!

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Speech Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining me to talk about a very controversial issue today! Should men and women re-take their natural position in society? My answer to this, is no! A natural position? Why do we even call this sexism a 'natural position' anyway? The only reason that men were seen to be superior to women is because of their body strength. And who said brawn or brains was best anyway? Before, women were meant to stay home, clean, cook and bring up children. ...read more.


Or Hedy Lamarr who was a glamorous actress, who then went on to invent secret Military Communication Systems and a torpedo accuracy satellite system which played an immense part in the victory of world war 2. Without these women and countless more, many people would be dead, and their descendants would not be here today. If women were to go back to working hard in the home, there would also be a huge loss in employees. Housework can be extremely strenuous and depressing. ...read more.


Men should also not be forgotten. They may have been in charge of the work, money and importance of the home then, but now more and more men are playing a part in their children's lives. Is it fair for a woman to have custody of his and her child? And should men be allowed paternity leave? If the so-called natural position were to be brought back, what would happen then? We must work together to stamp out the last of sexism and discrimination between man and women. Think about your parents? How different it was for them. If we went back to the way things were the consequences would be regretted. Equal rights for all, Thank you for listening. ...read more.

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