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Social Action vs. Social Structure - Are people the “Puppets of Society?”

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Social Action vs. Social Structure - Are people the "Puppets of Society?" Do we control the social system or does it control us? Society is said to mould its individuals, but to what extent? A way to examine this statement is to use the theme of unemployment. The unemployed are in a vicious circle of financial problems: they can't get a job because they haven't got the training. They can't get the training because they have no money; therefore they need a job to get money to get training to get a job. ...read more.


This can all be related to the individuals class placing. Laziness can also be a factor in the issue of unemployment. People may have the qualifications and training to get a job, but they have a "can't be bothered" issue running around inside their heads. Another way to look at the Puppets of Society idea is the monetary system. We created the system, but we can also stop using it, thus leading to is abandonment, another example: if no one watched ITV, the channel would have to close down - no funding from advertisers etc. ...read more.


At a party, you adapt accordingly to what kind of people are there, how they are acting, what's going on in each room etc. The social action perspective is that we influence our own behaviour. The social structure theory is that we are controlled into doing certain things because society as a whole expects us to conform in that way. The social structure perspective is that our actions are controlled by what society expects of us. We are both the puppets and puppeteers in society. We make our own decisions, both for our own benefit and also to conform with the world around us. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tom Grant 12HRB ...read more.

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