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Social Democracy - Pluralism

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Social Democracy Pluralism By definition - A system of government that allows and encourages public participation, particularly through the activities of pressure groups seeking to influence the government. Traditional socialism has always been associated with an analysis of society that class differences are crucial, in particular the middle classes - those who have gained to the working classes expense - summarised, the two classes interests are in conflict. Social democrats believe society is far more complex than a class interest struggle, and this concept becomes outdated in a pluralist society - a community of individuals and varied interests. Traditional Socialism is arguably intolerant in its outlook with 1) A reluctance to accept that there may be other ways to achieve socialist goals (equality of opportunity, welfare provision etc) 2) ...read more.


New Right conservatives = monetarism - laissez faire - little involvement as possible - neo liberalism Traditional Socialists = Keynesian economics - cause to intervene in economy - ensuring stability and enhancing personal liberty. Prefer these economic management strategies. Social democrats reject such a dogmatic approach - need for a pragmatic pluralist approach to economic policy. It was a member of the Labour Party in 50/60's who suggested economic state control. He ascertained that a pluralist approach to ownership and means of production would be suitable. For example some enterprises are ideal for public ownership but some are necessary for state rule etc. Therefore there should be a mixed economy, with ownership distributed according to circumstances. ...read more.


SD's accept the importance of this freedom. Socialism - often criticised for curtailing freedom (through compulsory participation in taxation, welfare contributions.) Collective values have traditionally put individual liberty as low priority. SD's believe liberty should d be better protected than TS has tried to do so in the past. It's argued wider opportunity enhances freedom - there4 - activity prohibition on the grounds equality is not promoted should not occur - instead range of opportunities available to ALL should be improved. Social Justice Popular with the 'centre-left' of politics It is difficult to define so is left fairly flexible as a concept. In SD practice it means Fair taxes - through redistribution Welfare - Protecting those most vulnerable Equal Rights - For all in society Public Expenditure - Helping parts of country most economically disadvantaged ...read more.

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