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Social Groups & Formal Organizations

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Jessika Williams Intro Soc. Feb 19th Social Groups & Formal Organizations Everyone at some point in their lives is apart of a social group, weather they are placed into one by society or they become apart of a group that is classified into a social group. When reading about Slims table I found there to be so many similarities to my life that it was uncanny. Slim was living the height of segregation, as a middle class black man. He fell into a daily routine of going to a cafeteria called the I-house. ...read more.


Bart began to rely on Slims presence, until one day Slim didn't show up. Bart thought that Slim was in the hospital or dead. Bart continued to go to the I-house for months and still no presence of Slim. Two years later Bart was at the I-house as usual, when in walks Slim. The article talks about how we as a society fall into a pattern of life that soon becomes boring. I tried to reflect on aspects of my life that are much like those of Bart and Slim. ...read more.


Most people in today's society look upon those who stick to them self as weird, or odd. Some become apart of social groups or formal organizations to stay active or to not become board with the routine of everyday life. This is much like what Bart and Slim have done over the years with going to the I-house. I feel that everyone should be apart of some kind of group or organization at one point in their life. This kind of social interaction has shown to be positive actions in many peoples life. I feel it can make a person well rounded and more susceptible to change. Most importantly I feel it will make people have the ability to co-exist with each other. ...read more.

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