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Social Problems of Pakistan.

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Sunday, 05 October, 2003 SOCIAL PROBLEMS OF PAKISTAN. Halima Khan. B.A1 According to most definitions, a social problem is a harmful social condition, according to the beliefs and values of some influential or dominant group in the society. A harmful social condition becomes a social problem when a social need persists over some time and is not provided for because there are a number of competing needs while the proposed budget is not sufficient to cater for all of them. Thus social problems involve social issues. Sociological approaches to social problems usually involve research to determine the causes of social problems and the effectiveness of policies or programs in attempting to solve them. Pakistan is a third world country, and like any other country its inhabitants have needs which need to be fulfilled. ...read more.


No government ever formed has been able to complete its full term and no new government has ever gone on with the existing policies.with such constant change in progress in the governing bodies how can a nation ever hope to achieve any goals. With 75% of the budget being spent on defence there isnt much left to deal with health and education problems. Thus there is no development in the infrastructure. The infant mortality rate in pakistan is one of the lowest. Women are not aware of the importance of good diet during pregnancy . Also instead of usage of hospital labour rooms many women acquire the services of illitrate midwives. Not only this but also children are not properly fed nor vaccinated against many deadly diseases , after birth. ...read more.


A great majority of them are deprived of basic existing facilities of social development. They are struggling for better health care facilities, job opportunities and social justice, equal rights in different countries all over the world. They are facing discrimination and social exploitation in different societies. In a backward society ,like this one, murder of women in the name of honour is common. Education is considered a sin for women. Women oppression has emerged as a major social problem in recent times. To sum it up, Pakistan is a developing nation facing many problems,social and economical and political. Amidst these many problems the social needs of people are mostly ignored thus worsening the social condition of this country. The social problems vary from lack of awareness to bad health conditions to poverty. Unemployment , lack of education and crime and drug abuse are also clawing at our society. Much needs to be done if we want to curb our social problems and emerge as a respectable society! ...read more.

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