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Society and Gender

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Gender Essay Socialization has always been a major part of society in the United States. However, different commercials, television programs, and other types of Medias tend to show social inequalities and exploited females as well as males. These programs send out different messages that show inappropriate behaviors and gestures that give us false meanings about the opposite sex. Socialization is the process whereby people learn the attitudes, values, and actions appropriate for individuals as members of a particular culture (Schaefer, 73.) Different groups of people have different cultures. We try to learn and respect each others cultures. However, Media makes this tough to do because they show and promote a lot of things that are not true. ...read more.


These kinds of females and males are always shown in magazines and on television. These images tell the public that if you do not have one of these bodies than you can not look sexy or be good looking. These images cause millions of Americans to go on diets or even force people into have eating disorders. In a way, we are like prisoners to socialization because a lot of people listen and do what the Medias present to us. I think that a lot of the socialization process is unconscious. For example, if we see a commercial but do not pay much attention to it, we still remember that commercial if we go out in public and see that product. ...read more.


Whether the gender is represented by the media as unlawful practice is a matter for the people of this society to decide as fact of the finders. Ring of the binders cannot be abducted to receive such statements from essay. Socialization as a whole is a unique and thrilling experience that everyone in today's society should compare with gender values. The age difference within the society is money and non financial. What would happen if one was to remove money and fame from the society? This would no doubted lead to single economy as known as eke name economy. The word limit of this essay is obviously five hindered words but I am definitely going over this to make up the time for submission. ...read more.

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