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Sociology coursework

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Sociology coursework Hypothesis: "Bangladeshi parents have higher academic expectations of boys than girls because of cultural differences and gender role socialisation" Aims: 1. I will find out how gender role socialisation influences parents to have higher academic expectations of boys than girls. 2. I aim to find out if middle class Bangladeshi parents have the same kind of academic expectations like working class Bangladeshi parents. 3. I will investigate if cultural differences affect what boys and girls think that there parents expect from them. 4. I will use sociological methods to find out how parents expectations vary from boys and girls. 5. I will use sociological methods to find out the differences of academic success between Bangladeshi boys and girls. Why I find this subject interesting: * I would like to find out how a Bangladeshi society is socially and economically disrupted by women being prevented to go to work. ...read more.


Methodology To find my own primary data I am going to design a questionnaire to find out who Bengali parents have higher expectations of there sons or there daughters, some advantages of using a questionnaire are that they are relatively cheap, quick and efficient way of obtaining large amounts of information from large amounts of people, this is particular with postal questionnaire which can be posted anywhere. They also provide quantitative data, which is data in statistical form, using this statistical data, it is possible to measure the connection between different factors that you are investigating. Because the questions that are asked are standardized, the questionnaire can be done again to check for reliability of the information. Some of the disadvantages of using questionnaires are postal questionnaires have a usually low response rate and those who do reply may not be representative of the population that is under study. ...read more.


Also they give data that is harder to compare, unlike questionnaires that are easy to compare to check for reliability. Informal interviews are very time consuming and expensive, which means that less interviews can be done, making for smaller samples and they have no set questions to follow, so it may prove difficult to replicate an interview, so it is not possible to check for reliability of the population under study. Ethical issues are about keeping sensitive information confidential and making sure that the information is only used for research and nothing else. As a researcher, I must try to keep information confidential; not share it with anyone, keep the questionnaires anonymous by not asking for the respondents name and to be present when the questionnaire is being completed to help the respondent if they do not understand any questions, I may also not be present if the respondent is answering a personal question and want to be alone. ...read more.

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