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Sociology Definitions- Ethnicity, Gender and Culture

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´╗┐Sociology 1. What is a social process? It is the pattern of growth and change in a society over the years. 1. What is a social group? It is when people are sharing social relation and interests with in their social groups Culture 1. What do we mean by culture? The whole way of life of a group of people passed from one generation to the next. 1. How does culture influence our norms? Culture guides and influences how a person evaluates what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. For instance, if the cultural norm permits or encourages certain behaviours, these behaviours become socially, professional, and ethically acceptable to a person who has been nurtured in that particular culture. 1. How does culture influence our values? People?s beliefs are very strongly influenced by their culture and family. But this does not mean that they are not responsible for them. Our culture and upbringing give us a context in which to view and interact with the world. ...read more.


Roles 1. What could cause role conflict? Role conflict can have many different effects on the work-life of an individual as well as their family-life. The most commonly noted role conflict is that between work and family.. 1. What impact could role conflict have on a family, a person?s education or a person?s work life? The that work flexibility is the number one concern for employed females with families and the number two or three issue for employed men with families. Flexibility in the workplace can be a huge relief to a person struggling to balance their career and home-life. Having that control is something that could change the relationship between work and family life to better is able to manage role conflict. Social Class 1. How do we judge what social class a person belongs to? We look at their income and occupation also the way they dress. Some people use fashion and material goods to show off their status. 1. Explain what sociologists mean by social class? (4 marks) ...read more.


Gender socialisation is defined by sociologists as the patterns of behaviour taught to children and adults in order to help them learn to behave as acceptable females or males. It begins at birth via naming, clothing, and treatment of the infant and it continues to be taught and reinforced throughout life within most social institutions. Ethnicity 1. What is the difference between race and ethnicity? Race is based on the natural and physical differences between people. Whereas, ethnicity is based on the language and culture of an individual. 1. What is the relationship between ethnicity and culture? The relationship between ethnicity and culture is the idea that humans can be categorised on the basis of natural/physical characteristics and they share an identity based on their culture/characteristics e.g. religion language 1. Describe how the sociological idea of ethnicity differs from the biological idea of race? ( 4 marks) The sociological idea of ethnic group refers to the cultural identity like language, customs or culture. Often refers to nationality. The biological is the physical characteristics like the skin colour to define the race whether the person is black or white. ...read more.

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