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Sociology Marriage Questionnaire Analysis

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A. Design (10 marks) (a) State the aim/s of your report (100 words): The object of my report is to find out whether people of the same age group or different age groups have the same views about marriage. Views on marriage will change as people get older. Due to different socialization and age related experiences people of different ages will have different views on marriage. I am going to give a questionnaire to 5 people aged 13-19 and 5 people who are over 19 years of age to see the differences between the different ages of women and see if there is a difference between the young and old women's views on marriage. Marriage fits into sociology because men and women are brought up in different ways. Women are brought up to be kind and caring and being able to cook and clean but men are brought up being able to fix things and they are taught how to be more independent in society so that they don't have to rely on different people as much as women. My hypothesis is that the older that people are, the higher the view on marriage. ...read more.


I needed to use Microsoft Word Processor to make the questionnaires and also I needed to use Microsoft Excel to make the bar charts so that I was able to see my results neatly and clearly. C. Results (10 marks) (a) Describe the main results of your investigation (300 words): For the question "would you prefer to get married young or old?" I found out that 100% of the 13-14 year olds prefer to get married young and 70% of the 30-40 year olds say that they prefer to get married young and 30% say that they prefer to get married older. This shows that both of the adults and teenagers have a similar view point of the answer to this question. For the question "what type of wedding do you prefer?" 10% of the 13-14 year olds would prefer to get married in a Registry Office and 90% of them say that they would prefer to get married in a church. 30% of the 30-40 year olds say that they would prefer to get married in a Registry Office and 70% of the 30-40 year olds say that they would prefer to get married in a Church. ...read more.


pressure, I gave the questionnaire's out at form time and U could of had the questions more easier for people to understand. (b) Was the data reliable? Give reasons. (75 words): The data in the graphs and answers in the questionnaire's are reliable because both age groups have a similar answer in their results and there isn't a big difference between all of the replies and their answers from different age groups. (c) Was the data valid? Give reasons. (75 words): The data was valid because there wasn't many outliers in each of the questions and many people said the same thing which shows that the both age groups have a similar point of view and that the results are able to be accepted. (d) How might you improve or develop your investigation if you were to do it again? (100 words): If I was to do the investigation again i would improve or develop my investigation by writing more questions and asking a bigger range of people their opinions instead of asking just 2 age groups. Also i could add 2 different genders in and ask a bigger amount of people their opinion to make the results more reliable and there would be more sources to take their opinions from. ...read more.

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