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Sociology Method

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Carolina Arias Ortega Method The method I plan to use for my work is unstructured interviews, I will have a basic idea on where I want the interview to head but I will not have any questions prepared beforehand. My reason for deciding to have unstructured interviews and not structured is simple, as divorce is a sensitive and complex subject I want people to open up to me , if I am reading questions from a paper and get straight to the point answers this is not possible, in an unstructured interview it will be easier to make people feel that they can trust me. I have chosen to do interviews and not questionnaires because I think that to find out information and opinions on such a sensitive subject you have to talk to the person face to face, ...read more.


I am mostly looking to talk to people who have had an experience with divorce before, whether it was their parents divorce or their own one; I also want to interview married couples. I want to interview this wide range of people to be able to compare their views, I also want to find out whether my participant has ever been divorced or affected by one close to home, if they agree with it and what they think the cause of the dramatic increase that has taken place in the last years is, also if this is good or bad. I plan on finding the people to interview by snowball sampling, I will interview a person who I believe fits the criteria of what I am looking for, I will then ask for a name of a person who that ...read more.


In order to avoid doing this I will be sensitive with what questions to ask and the way in which I do it, I will also control my body language and facial expressions to not let on how I really feel, I will also try to be as understanding as possible given the circumstances. Pilot: As I want my interviews to turn out as best as possible I will be practicing on one of my fellow classmates beforehand, this will help me a lot because I will learn what body language to use and not to use, I will learn to control my facial expressions and be able to practice asking questions in a sensitive and non offensive manner. ...read more.

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