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Solitude @ net: relationship in the Internet

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Solitude @ net: relationship in the Internet All its existence humanity has developed and improved ways of communicating, from verbal and oral communication to written, and now, with the development of technologies, we have a possibility to have cyber communication. Thus, this new way of communication has generated a new form of relationship - relationship on the Internet or, as some scientists call it, cyber relationship. Nowadays it is a very widespread form of relationship. Trough e-mail, chat rooms, instant messengers and other means people have a possibility to share their aspects of daily lives, talk about interests with likeminded others and keep in touch with family members and friends. Thus one can feel close to family or friends even if he or she is far away from them. But there exists another form of relationship and it is called as cyber love. This rather new term describes the notion of romantic relationship that is taking place on the Internet. ...read more.


??????? ????, ?????? ??? ?? ?????????? ????????, ?????????? ?????????? ?????? ? ?????????? ????? ?????? ? ????????. ??? ???? ??? ????????, ??? ?? ?? ?????????? ??? ?????-?????? ???????... (??????????, 2005) 'A second reason for greater self-disclosure on-line is the lack of the usual "gating features" to the establishment of any close relationship - easily discernible features such as physical appearance (attractiveness), an apparent stigma such as stuttering' (McKenna, Green and Gleason, 2002 ), or shyness or social anxiety. In the Internet these features are not initially in evidence and thus they do not stop potential relationships from getting off the ground. Interacting in the Internet is similar in some respects to interaction in a darkened room, in that one cannot see his or her partner, nor can be seen. First impression thus is formed based upon the information provided by the other person and perhaps by the positive effect of one's own acts, rather than upon physical features (Collins, Miller, 1994). ...read more.


????? ?? ??? ??????? ?? ????? ??????. ???????. ??? ?????? ???? ???????????. ????????? ??????, ??????? ??? ???????, ?? ?????????? ? ?????. ?? ????????? ???? ?? ?? ???????. (??????????, 2005) And the main problem of internet relationships is that from cyber love one cannot have children. Scientists are already speaking about the existing problem of the decline of human race. If humanity will choose cyber love instead of normal relationships, our population will decrease gradually. But the problem is not only in disability of having children, but also in disability of any physical relations. Choosing relationship on the Internet one deprives oneself many beautiful moments and feelings that one can experience and feel in real relationship. To sum up, one can say that one must choose by oneself rather he or she wants to be involved in real relationship or cyber relationship, because both of these types have their own pluses and minuses. And it does not matter what type one has chosen as long as one is feeling happy in his or her relationship. ...read more.

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