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Southend developed as both a middle class resort and a day trippers paradise. Does your site visit and the other evidence you have used proved that this statement to be accurate?

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Reece Darwin 10Pk History coursework- intro-pier-railway Southend developed as both a middle class resort and a day trippers paradise. Does your site visit and the other evidence you have used proved that this statement to be accurate? Seaside's became more popular in the late18th century. Before this people visited inland spas, this was where patients 'took the waters' either by glass or by full immersion. The first references to sea bathing did not occur until the 1740's. The man that has been said to be responsible for starting this seaside craze is Dr. Richard Russell. He published a book in Latin in 1749 and translated into English in 1752 which was called 'A Dissertion On the Use of Sea-Water in the Diseases of the Glands, Particuly the Scurvy, Jaundice, Kings Evil, Leprosy and Glandular Consumption.' This book demonstrated how seawater could be good for the human body. Russell's book was so successful he set up his own practice in a small fishing village on the Sussex coast called Brightelmstone. The success of Brightelmstone was helped when, in 1783, the Prince of Wales made his first visit and later purchased a house their. The Chelmsford Chronicle tells us that in 1780 Southend already had great potential to be a 'great, popular and 'fashionable' resort. Southend did not have very good facilities for the families coming to stay, thus leading to some families going to other resorts. The Chelmsford Chronicle is quite a reliable source but it is still not completely accurate. ...read more.


This would be the only one of its kind so this would definitely attract massive attention and attract the crowds, which in order for Southend to compete with the package holiday, is what it needs. The success of Southend was unexpected and the pier could no longer keep up with the demand of people. There was not enough room for the passenger boats to dock, so the pier had an arm built which enabled more boats to dock thus meaning more success for the pier of Southend. The main means of transport to get to Southend in the early 1830's was the steamboat, there was a big opening for a new generation of transport, and this was the railway. The London and Blackwall railway opened to rival the growing steam boat traffic to pleasure gardens of Rosherville at Gravesend in 1836 and in 1852 the LTS extension was passed. The new and improved railway ran from the Eastern Countries line at Forest gate via Tilbury and then to Southend, which cost a total of �400,000. In 1868 the railway carried 1,589,613 passengers which made �63,000. Twenty-one years after the first railway was built, the track between Southend and Tilbury was doubled. The railway was not only used for tourism and the purpose of travelling to and from Southend, 1st February 1884 the extension to Shoesburyness opened to serve the military barracks as a result of Southend station was enlarged. ...read more.


Below is a picture of the kursal which was built in 1914, shortly before the picture was taken and a picture of the Kursal in 2001. (1 PICTURE FROM BOOKLET & 1 PHOTO FROM SITE VIST) In 2001 Southend consists of several arcades, a theme park and restaurants, this attracts the typical "day tripper" thus meaning that in 200 years Southend has had a spectacular transformation from being a very up market middle class sea side resort to a day trippers paradise. Southend started its seaside resort life as a very small fishing village in the mid 1700's. It then developed into a middle class resort and stayed that way until the 1870's when the arrival of the railway enabled the day trippers a cheap and quick means of transport to get to and from Southend. The day-trippers continued to come to Southend until today in 2001. In my opinion Southend did develop as a middle class and a day trippers paradise but at different times, thus meaning that Southend has had to adapt to the people that wanted to visit the resort. It appears that Southend followed the trend of such other resorts as Margate, which was Southend's main source of competition. Thus showing that Southend went were ever the money was. As we can see from the site visit Southend is now a day-trippers paradise and probably will be since the invention of the package holiday. ...read more.

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