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Standing against teens drinking and driving.

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Mai Elmo ENG 4U1 Mr. 10 July 2003 Standing against teens drinking and driving Standing against teens drinking and driving is a popular topic that had been around for years, but is unacceptable to today's society. Young teens don't like facing the facts and issues of the real life they just want to live their dreams, and satisfy their pleasures ignoring what is going to happen the next moment, and that was one of the general causes which made drinking and driving one of most common deaths that happen on today's streets. Most of teens do not pay attention to what has been said to them. They consider what their parents tell them is just a useless speech that has no reality, and what happens to others will never happen to them. ...read more.


From the same source the writer elucidated that: "When the intake of alcohol is large; it dulls the area of the brain that controls inhibition, judgments and self control"2. With all these facts, how can a 16 or 17 year old make the right decision? The answer is that the parent should make the decision before their child leaves the house. If the teenage is going to party he or she shouldn't have the car. In fact, the parent should pick the teenager up after their parties. That itself should help prevent the pain and the tragedy that may be faced later. An electronic statistics illustrated that : "1800 people are being killed every year in alcohol related crashes that means one person dead every 30 minutes and one person injured every minute"3. ...read more.


To proof that last point an electronic source stated that "From 1982 to 2001 there were 900 fewer teen drinking fatalities"5. Drinking and driving is very dangerous. Many people have had their lives destroyed and ruined because of drunk drivers. This is why a behavior such as drinking and driving is not acceptable in today's society. New laws might of decrease the numbers of deaths and accidents but has it changed the way teenagers think? Did it make them realize it might happen to them too one day? This is the question; the answer is still unknown. 1 http//www.electronicrefrences.com/view.php/social%20issues/Alcoholism.htm. Paragraph one line 2 2 http//www.electronicrefrences.com/view.php/social%20issues/989.HTM. Paragraph 2 line 5 3 www.madd.org/home/. First Paragraph 4http:// 5http:// 1 Elmo ...read more.

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