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Stop Buying Those Fashion Magazines That Just Make You Feel Bad!

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Kulsum Fatima 1 Dr. Greg Luthi Comp-II, Sec-003 28/06/04 Stop Buying Those Fashion Magazines That Just Make You Feel Bad! Societies provide the ground in which we grow and develop into the selves that we are, but we need to be aware that what seems "natural," perhaps is a media created way of thinking and doing. It is quite evident by looking at the emaciated pictures (Magazine Covers, Advertisements, Billboards, T.V) of young women and surprisingly men too, what the media considers as the "ideal" figure. This perception society has created, plays a major part in our country's obsession with thinness and extreme dieting. Society cannot control what the media says or what they may claim, but people do not have to support it. Zimmerman makes a good point in saying, "The job of the beauty industry is to make money for its companies and clients; ours must be to learn how to make better care of ourselves so we don't cave in to the pressure of advertising" (39). ...read more.


. ] the majority of American beauty-industry moguls: focus on the corporate bottom line, and to hell with the health and welfare of those who create the profits" (Zimmerman 38). While women starve (anorexia), or make themselves sick with use of laxatives to get slim (bulimia), male sufferers worry they're too small, and work out to achieve their ideal muscular physique. According to Cloud, Adonis (half man and half god) Complex is being utilized to describe a variety of body image concerns, which have been plaguing boys and men especially through the last decade. Men, who find themselves caught up in these obsessions, soon discover their lives can begin spiraling out of control, jeopardizing careers, as well as relationships with friends and loved ones. (44) The images of the steroid-pumped bodies have propagated into advertising, television soap operas, professional wrestling shows, movies and magazine covers. Cloud claims that "Last year American men forked over $2 billion for gym memberships-and another $2 billion for home exercise equipment" (44). From early childhood, boys are assaulted with thousands of images of steroid-sized bodies, all conveying the subtle message that 3 this is how an ideal man should look. ...read more.


.] 'western attitudes about weight loss moved through the community like wild fire'" (190).Many girls then turned to extreme dieting to control the situation. "Indeed, the rapid emergence of eating disorders in Fiji-one generation that never questioned the virtue of corpulence followed by another desperate to slim down-could betoken a future epidemic" (O' Connor 191). Every time you walk into a store you are surrounded by images of emaciated models wearing the latest fashions. Does this really affect the young women and men? I think it does, because even I find myself wondering if I was skinnier or prettier, would I be guaranteed all the "happiness" and attention that all of the models, actors, and 4 actresses are believed to have. The American society needs to learn to love and accept themselves. People should begin to love their bodies, no matter what size they are. If a child is raised to love and accept who they are and what they look like, they will be less likely to strive to fit into society's unattainable standards. Our society needs to learn to be realistic, as no number on a scale, and fitting into a smaller dress size will make anyone happy. Real happiness can only come from within. ...read more.

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