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Tea Master, Samurai and Teacher

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Robyn St. Hilaire Curriculum Final Essay May 25th, 2004 Tea Master, Samurai and Teacher My curriculum class changed my view on life. It allowed me to realize that my purpose in life is to be a teacher. My curriculum class allowed me to discover my main goal in life as well as showing me how difficult achieving that goal is. It was not a class about spiral curriculum and lesson plan formats that changed my view of life but rather the professor who lead me to my own realizations about the world. Professor Federman, who ran my class, showed me that everything in life is important and that in order to teach well one must be devoted. Having taken this into account I am going to attempt to understand my goal as a teacher, how I will achieve that goal, and why I want to. I will use my experience in Professor Federman's curriculum class, the book "Tea Life, Tea Mind," and the movie "Kill Bill" to do so. First, my goal as a teacher is: To make children actually WANT to learn. In other words, I do not want to force children to learn, I want to allow children to learn. I know that this goal sounds idealized and romantic, and perhaps it is. I realize that I am young, and because of that I am na�ve but I am a helpless romantic and a strong believer that children want to learn. ...read more.


It is expected that schools show students what is important to his/her community so that when the student leaves the school system he/she understands the culture he/she is entering. Society expects schools to produce productive citizens and in order to be productive the students must be informed. That is the teacher's task, to make sure her students are informed. Using the priniciples of the Way of Tea I plan to inform my students that learning is enjoyable and valuable. The story line of "Kill Bill" is one of revenge. The revenge of a Samurai, revenge against people the Samurai once cared for greatly but because of who she was and what had happened to her she had to carry out her revenge. This movie shows the devotion a Samurai has the same way "Tea Life, Tea Mind" showed the devotion a Tea Master has. In one scene, particularly, the strong emotions involved in this Samurai's devotion to her revenge rip into the hearts of the viewers. In this scene the Samurai finds her long last friend and current enemy, O-Ren Ishii. After a long battle with a number of O-Ren's bodyguards, the two long last Samaria friends met in a snowy Japanese garden. There the two begin to battle and after both had been wounded they back slowly into their respective corners. ...read more.


My goal as a teacher is to help students feel that being educated is important and enjoyable. I want to get to know my students and I want to have personal experience with them so that I can fully explain to them what it is that will make learning interesting for them. In order to complete my goal as an educator I realize that I must have a balance between the devotion of a Tea Master and a Samurai. I have to be a fully devoted teacher. I must be calm, peaceful and caring the way a Tea Master is towards her devotion to the Way of Tea. While I must also be strong, driven, and shrewd the way a Samurai is towards her devotion to a battle. It is the balance of the two that I must achieve. In order to complete my goal as an educator I must be calm and caring while working with my students. I must act as a Tea Master in my classroom, fully respecting my students while presenting a way of life to them in order for them to be comfortable and willing to learn. I must act as a Samurai when my methods are questioned or I feel that a student will just never be interested. It is important that I never give up the way a Samurai will never give up and I must always be a peaceful perfectionist the way a Tea Master is only then will I be the teacher I wish to be. ...read more.

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