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Teenage Stereotypes

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Teenage Stereotypes In today's world, teens in schools across the country experience a culture that consists of social groups, such as cliques and stereotypes. Teens that are not aware of their clique but it represents people that have many relationships throughout a group relationship. Among the many relationships, certain ones are tighter and some are more general. Families make up a big part of any clique. This is the basis for more urban cliques rather than suburban schools and towns. This is good in some cases when the teen is experiencing tough decisions and difficulty with authority. The parents have someone to call if they're are having problems identifying exactly how and what the teen is feeling. ...read more.


For example the extracurricular activities that include athletics are small and different groups of friends who interact together in sport. But the large amount of sports separates the groups from everyday or seasonal interaction. An athlete that plays a contact sport and usually carries an attitude about that sport may be branded as a, "Jock." To avoid problems between similar stereotypes, such as a student with long hair, odd makeup, and or anything slightly original they may be unfairly branded a "punk." Everybody knows what and usually who "hippies" are in a large crowd. Being merely just an expression of individuality, the school administration tries to abolish conflicts between groups. ...read more.


The culture of a private school typically includes nice dress codes, prepatory academics on a high level, succession in sports and organizations, and involvement in family like pride. If the school is regional, then the body consists of small cliques within wide-bodied group. The safer learning environment in private schools is a result of the formed relationships of brothers and sisters not friends and foes. As for the entire school forming a large clique in where you might see someone you see periodically during school or have identified him as a member, you now have the basis for new friendship opportunities. This creates "good" in society. Trying to abolish cliques which are a part of human cycles can take the concentration off of the real reason each teenager sets foot in a high school from September to June. ...read more.

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