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Teens in Danger: A Look at Modern Adolescent

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Teens in Danger: A Look at Modern Adolescent The short story written by Anne Tyler, "Teenage Wasteland" (1984), addresses some of the problems teenagers are faced with during this vulnerable point in theirs lives. The young teenager Donny struggles to find himself in a world that he feels is full of evil. Going into teenage years is a difficult time and it involves a journey from childhood into young adulthood. Teenagers are faced with the loss of their innocence and the pain of being propelled too rapidly into a world of experience. In this story, Donny is having problems following rules that his parents and school set for him. During the course of this story, Donny is sent to a psychologist who suggests that he attend tutoring sessions. ...read more.


Cal follows the old concept of becoming a child's "pal". He does not appear to hold Donny responsible for any of his mistakes; instead, he quickly blames the school, other children, and Donny's parents. Donny feels trapped and unfortunately turns to drugs and drinking. He seems to find no joy in "normal" activities and seems to give up on life once his parents put him into public school and take him out of tutoring. He eventually disappears and is never heard from again. The term "Teenage Wasteland" has become a familiarly used phrase in modern journalism and has been used to symbolize the emptiness and pointlessness which is a part of the lives of many modern adolescents. ...read more.


This story reminds me a lot of myself and how difficult it was for me cope with my teenage years. I, myself, turned to drugs and violence as a way to deal with the emptiness I felt; however, I believe that it is very important that parents ALWAYS stay active in their children's lives. The problems with Donny is not uncommon, but it starts way before teenage hood. This story emphasizes on many problems teens cope with and can also help us better understand and deal with these issues. Teenagers live in a pressure cooker of rapid physical, emotional, and cultural change. Some teenagers grow up too fast, abandoning childhood at an early age and entering into the "real world". Donny symbolizes a good percentage of teenagers in today's society, struggling to find a place in the human race. ...read more.

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