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Textual Analysis - 'Lawn Dogs'

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Textual Analysis - 'Lawn Dogs' The first thing we notice in the beginning of the film is that it is dawn, and it is set in the suburbs. We are introduced to a small, middle class village, where there are large houses with huge lawns being watered with sprinklers. The lawns are neatly cut, to add emphasis to the middle class neighbourhood and that the people living there are quite wealthy, there is even a sense that the neighbours are in competition with each other and are constantly trying to out-do eachother. After a few minutes of the introduction to the neighbourhood and the main characters, the audience is shown a gate and a long country road leading out of the village. This eventually leads to a bridge, which has a lake underneath it, in which the water is quite dirty. As it is dawn when the audience gets there first look into the village, the lighting slowly becomes more high key, to give the true effect of dawn. ...read more.


He has a southern American accent, which is generally associated with working class people. The camera work and editing effectively give us a view of how the filmmakers want us to see the characters and the neighbourhood. The first set we see is a crane on the small neighbourhood to introduce us to the houses, after this we are introduced to the main characters and their families. There is a low angle shot of Devon, with her family beside her, to emphasise her middle class background, when she is in her 'Young Rangers' uniform she is viewed form the feet upwards. Whereas when we first see Trent he is viewed with a medium close shot. These shots of the main characters give us a better insight to where they live and their social status. Devon seems like a mischievous girl, when she is making the cookies a fly lands on one of them and instead of brushing it away, she squashes it into the cookie to make it look like it is another chocolate chip! ...read more.


Trent seems like a spontaneous person, he stops all traffic in the middle of the bridge and undresses himself then jumps in the lake after finishing mowing the lawns for the day. He also is quite humorous in the way that he urinates in the paper cup because he cannot use a customer's toilet. He appears as though he has a large role in the film and is quite an important character. However his true character is a bit of a mystery at the moment and we will find out more about him as wee see more of the film. I think that later on in the film Trent and Devon will meet and form a bond, they will become close friends and cause a lot of mischief within the neighbourhood, simply because they feel they are outcasts of their neighbourhood. They will reveal the neighbours, including Devon's own parents, for being socialites, and upset a lot of people along the way. I think that there will be a lot of conflicts in this film and these will develop throughout the film. Laura Hicks Yr12 ...read more.

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