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The concept of a cashless society and the assertion that we will become one

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The concept of a cashless society and the assertion that we will become one. A cashless society is one of those things that is vastly becoming more popular and is beginning to replace having to go into a shop for example and pay with money that you have stuffed into your wallet. With the creation of bankcards paying is now much easier and a lot safer as you now just swipe your care on special machines assigned to the card and it immediately credits the amount from your bank it simple. However there has been much controversy over these cares whilst many people believe the cash card system is less time consuming, easier to use, fits into your wallet can easily be cancelled and stopped money is safe there are others who believe that the card is easily hacked you have to carry it everywhere with you, if you forget it you cannot buy anything, interest and many teenagers do not have card assigned to them. This is an issue which has many views, as a person who uses a cash card regularly its easy for me to side. The phrase "cashless society" tends to make people do one of two things: flinch or create fantastical nightmares of an Orwellian society where bar codes and thin bits of plastic rule. ...read more.


in 1958 and by the early Sixties; more companies were offering credit cards as timesaving devices rather than forms of credit. Asking around I managed to find out that about 60 percent of people agree with the cashless system they feel it is very affective in there daily lives weather it be buying groceries or paying credit or debit card over the internet. With a cashless society schools have now become involved they believe that instead of kids bringing money into school everyday they can bring in a set amount and put that amount on your dinner card. The card will then be credited with the amount you have put on and will only need a swipe on the machine before you use it. Other business have also become involved for example the internet is one of the biggest known with every website nowadays allowing you to purchase good online. Shops now have systems also either to pay for any purchases which are being bought or say you need to top up your mobile phone it is now all simple if you have an etop up card. Busses and trains have also got involved along with adventure parks or any events tickets all these now make it easier to pay for things and also saves time in shops. ...read more.


There would be immediate benifit of the cashless society: theft of cash would become impossible. Bank robberies and cash- register robbers would simply be finished. Attacts on shopkeepers,taxi drivers, and cashiers qould al end. Urban streets would become safer, security costs and insurance rates would fall , property values would rise, sales of illegal drugs along with concomitant violence crime. Not all proponents are as ecstatic about the benefits as that author. However, regardless of the advantages (or disadvantages) some observers think "it is only a matter of time before the cashless society arrives." Others, though, describe the elimination of coins and currency any time soon as "a myth". The message is simply put across and that is that within the next few years u can expect to see a great change in today's modern society in many ways. A big change that will occur is a cashless society will come into affect who knows what year but it has already started with bankcards in banks and schools. It's clear that it's hear to stay so I am sure we can expect big things in the future to come. ?? ?? ?? ?? AMDG 15th September 2005 ...read more.

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