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The Dalriada School Appeal

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Business Studies - GCSE Coursework Jamie Lapworth The Dalriada School Appeal Dalriada School has become one of the leading grammar schools in Northern Ireland, outstanding in the local community and across the Province for its high academic standards. It is well known for its large amount of curricular and extracurricular options, drawing people in from all walks of life Dalriada wishes to teach, care and develop each and every pupil to the fullest. Each pupil is made to feel special and cared for so there are in a happy, peaceful and carefree environment this help add to the school pride. For Dalriada to help each pupil, it supplies and combines the best teaching with the best equipment. For this reason we, the "Dalriads" need to continue the Dalriada tradition and help to develop each child in the best way possible. Some of Dalriadas, previously state of the art equipment and facilities, has become old and in need of repair A major development plan has been drawn up to provide these much needed and long overdue facilities. Dalriada has started to save money for a new building scheme and has opened up an appeal to help raise some money. ...read more.


To do so will be very time consuming so we opted to use a database. A database is good for storing information and also searching for a certain group or arrangement of data. Because we will all use a database, it had to be agreed by the whole class. We had to decide on: - What it will look like - What abbreviations should be used A small group, from the class, worked on all these problems and presented these final ideas to the class. What it will look like Fields: NAME / FORM / EVENT / ONSTAGE / PRICE / LUNCH / EVENINGS / OTHER Pref. 1/ Pref. 2 Abbreviations These titles were used to stop the database taking up too much space: Full Word Original Final Suggestions Decisions Q1 - Event People Auction PA Auction Mr & Miss Dalriada MD Mr/Miss Disco DS Disco 5-A-Side Football 5F Footy Band Night BN Band Q2 - Onstage Yes Y Y No N N Maybe M M Q3 - Price �0.50 - �0.99 0.99 0.99 �1.00 - �1.50 1.50 1.50 �1.51 - �2.00 2.00 2.00 Q4 - Lunch Monday Mon M Tuesday Tue Tu Wednesday Wed W Thursday Thu Th Friday Fri F Q5 - Evenings Monday Mon M Tuesday Tue Tu Wednesday Wed W ...read more.


We then used quota sampling to find out if the person doing the questionnaire was going to be male or female. People Who Are Getting The Questionnaires When everyone in the class had finished producing a questionnaire, we held a vote to see who's questionnaire would be used. Pamela Loughridge's was selected. In "objective 3" we said that we would use every tenth boy and every tenth girl in the school. Here is the list of pupils that we are used: Year 8 Year 9 Leanne McLoughlan Stephen McCullagh Christopher Scott Nicola Tweed Victoria Moore Alan Fenton David Scott John Service William Campbell Hannah Black Rebecca Hutchinson Christopher McLaughlan Andrew Cooper Megan Stirling Rachel Kane Jonathan McCormack David Moore Suzanne McCombe Scott Johnston Richard Glover Amy McAuley Laura Faulkner Neil Wilkinson Year 10 Year 11 Leon McCarron Kerrie Skelton Julie Shiels John McConaghie Paul Guy Dawn Wilson Emma Robinson William Asken Christopher Warke Nicole Scott Mark Norden Neil McClelland Claire Dowdy Olivia Madden Cameron McAuley Matthew Campbell Ruth Freeman Samuel Thompson David Gardener Sarah Johnston Hugo Lamb We then distributed each questionnaire to the listed people. When all the completed questionnaires were returned, we programmed them into a database. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jamie Lapworth 12W Business Studies - GCSE Coursework 2002 ...read more.

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