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The Dead Poets Society-Initial Response.

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The Dead Poets Society-Initial Response Louis Li Professor Keating is a great teacher. He teaches because he loves to teach. Not only does he teach his students literature, but he also teaches them about life. Professor Keating challenges them to question conventional views by standing on their desks and ripping their textbooks. The story takes time at 1959, I think this setting is important because it is the time of industrial revoluntion. The society needs high educated people in terms of knowledge and technology. And the students in the movie are just the slaves of machinaries. After watching this film, it leaves me feeling kind of sad and thinking about our society.I like the teacher's ideas because I do not want to be bonded to platitude of our society; accept things without questioning. ...read more.


Chains such as conventional beliefs and morals bonded our thinking, much or less. The movie also tells us that we should not lose our soul to conformity of social norms. I understood how people's lives can be wasted if not given the opportunity to show what they can do. I also questioned myself, what do I really want to do in my life if there is no pressure from my parents' friends and teachers, etc, after I watched the part about Neil. His parents did not understand his true feelings, and he never told them what he really feels. I did not really get why Neil did not tell his parents what he really feels, even though he was going to die. ...read more.


We should decide our own future as long as we know what we really want to do. " live it to its fullest" means that we should not waste our time, that is suggesting that we should have our goal in our lives. However, sometimes I do not know what I am really feeling like. I just thought too much about myself and chased my tails. After watching this film, I learned that I should think about what I really want in my life. I also think about the situation that what if there's no pressure from people, and whether I will regret or not. In my opinion, Todd changes the most internally. He is shy and reluctant to participate in either this club or in Keating's class. In the end, he found talents and feelings he didn't even know he possessed. ...read more.

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