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The Decline of the Traditional family is detrimental to society. How far would you agree with this statement?

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Hatice Giritli Hwk Wednesday 10th November 2004 Sociology - The Decline of Traditional Family * The Decline of the Traditional family is detrimental to society. How far would you agree with this statement? Some people believe that the decline of the traditional family (Nuclear family) is detrimental to society because a lot of people are not socialising. This is one of the basic roles that a traditional family performs for individuals to meet the expectations of society. Only through a family can a person play a full part in society. In addition, society cannot exist without the rules and expectations of individual behaviour. A Traditional family socialises children in the families into forms of behaviour to make them reach those expectations. ...read more.


* Constant conflict between parents - this causes discomfort in household and psychological problems in the children's minds later in life. This disrupts family life causing divorces which affects the society in many ways. Feminists believe that domestic violence is always by the male partner on the female. The British crime server (a government study of crime levels) suggests that only about 50% of the people attacked ever report it to the police because of:- * Fear of their partner * Embarrassment * The belief that they may be to blame of their partners' violence. It is said that the decline of traditional family is raising concern among some sociologists and policymakers. The increasing rates of divorce and cohabitation, two of the trends that mark this decline, illustrate Americans' paradoxical attitude toward marriage and family. ...read more.


For example, if domestic violence was being used in the marriage than the best thing to do would be to divorce so as this is the couples' decision, I think the idea of divorce should have no effect on the society as I do not see how a traditional family can be detrimental to society. I agree with the feminists and believe that women are exploited in marriages. I do not agree with the statement "The decline of Traditional family is detrimental to society" because although traditional families add to the whole picture of society I think it is not important what other people think and how other people see our society. I believe that the decline of traditional marriage has no effect on people socialising and I feel that an individual does not need to be part of a traditional family to play a full part in society. ...read more.

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