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The ethics of IVF treatment.

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Citizenship Coursework B I am going to base my coursework on the topic of the ethics of IVF treatment. This topic interests me because IVF is an amazing advancement in technology. Test-tube babies are becoming increasingly popular with couples who cannot have a baby themselves. One in six couples have infertility problems and so it is important because it gives couples a chance to have their own baby, without having to adopt someone else's or using a donor egg/donor sperm. IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilisation and is a technique used to fertilise the sperm and egg cells outside the womb. The world's first test tube baby was born in England on July 25th 1978 and now roughly 1% of all births are conceived in-vitro. ...read more.


His side of the argument is that he should have the right to choose when he wants to become a father. The second piece of media I am going to use is another article but from the 'Daily Star' tabloid newspaper. It has the headline 'Woman to see her embryos destroyed' and focuses on the same story about the woman (Natallie Evans) who lost the battle to keep her embryos. The article gives a lot of information about the woman's argument and how upset she was that her embryos were being destroyed. The article makes the reader very aware and sympathetic towards the woman. She says that she will watch as her embryos are being destroyed, and how she hopes that her ex-partner will never have children of his own. ...read more.


My opinion on this issue is that both people should have the right to choose whether or not they want to carry on with IVF. If one of them doesn't feel that they want to become a parent (for any reason) then the treatment should not continue, even if the other person disagrees. As the European Court of Human Rights told Natallie Evans, "...her rights to become a mother did not outweigh the rights of Mr Johnston not to become the father of her children". Men and woman should have equal rights, especially in something as important as having a baby. I think that the woman in the article was being very selfish to say that she hoped her ex-partner would never have children of his own just because she can't. However, I feel quite sorry for the woman and can see why she is upset. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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