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The ever-increased violence with children is attributed to the rise of violent television and computer games.

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The ever-increased violence with children is attributed to the rise of violent television and computer games. The view, 'There is a direct correlation between the increasing violence from children and the rise of violence in Video games and more frequent violence on Television' is now gaining support among a lot of people in society. To see if this statement is false I am going to investigate through Functionalist ideas and see if this form of socialisation has a place in modern day culture. I came to have an interest in this after finding that so far Sociologists who have tackled the issue have not proved this theory right, however it has not been disproved. My focal point, and opening study, is the Newson Report (1994). Newson researched whether video violence is a factor influencing violence in children. This research followed the trial of two ten year olds for the murder of two year old Jamie Bulger. Newson found a strong correlation between real-world and TV violence. However, she stresses the difference between 'Correlation' and 'Causation'. She considered other researchers who had identified this correlation and emphasised that this in itself doesn't establish a cause for violence, just that there is a trend between the two. ...read more.


A study by George Gerbner reiterates this in research that shows children who watch television a lot are more likely to believe the world is a mean and dangerous place, and consequently turn to violence. The principal method of research will be repeat questionnaires over a 30 year period. I will use this positivist approach because I want my work to take a scientific view, whilst at the same time it would clearly relate to my hypothesis better than other methods. This is because it would easily highlight the correlation between violence and violent T.V and gain greater credibility with previous researchers and critics as it has brought good results in the past. It will highlight clear trends within my sample group and offer possible explanations for their behaviour. My study would consist 240 children chosen at random at birth from different backgrounds all with English passports. These will be chosen as shown below. White African-black Asian Boys Working-class 20 10 10 Middleclass 20 10 10 Upper-class 20 10 10 Girls Working-class 20 10 10 Middleclass 20 10 10 Upper-class 20 10 10 This ensures I have a good balance and range of children to see if all genders, class and ethnicity are effected by Television. ...read more.


However that is why I am also having unstructured questions in an interview to identify problems or obtain information not attainable in my questionnaires. My second problem I could encounter is that my questionnaire could not be suitable for my subjects. They may unintentionally appear sexist or racist. However, these would hopefully not be a problem as my pilot study should stop any unintentional ethnic devaluation, however this is always a problem so I would take extra care in this issue. This leads on to my third problem, that some might say my questionnaire doesn't equal the ethnicity of this country, however my response is that it is not supposed to, it is only supposed to make that the three most common are accounted for. Further smaller studies would have to be conducted to get results on Ethnicity and violence, my aim is to find a correlation between violence and children, not race and children. My final problem could be that my theory could be too difficult to handle in practical terms, there are too many variables and it could be too difficult to ensure parents make sure children are watching what the are supposed too. Unfortunately I can't govern them and this is the only real problem that can't be resolved, however I anticipate the phone call would let me have a picture of whether or not the study is working and valid. ...read more.

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