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The power of democracy.

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DEMOCRACY Nowadays, when technology has taken over everything and everyone wants to be considered open-minded and open to any development, certain topics are almost never discussed any more because they are taken for granted. Until some time ago, democracy was a crucial topic. Many countries were still under Communism and people knew that such states had a very low standard of living and human rights were being broken continually. Unfortunately, this problem was not found only in the past recent years, but Pericles knew already that something had to be done in Ancient Greece. The first system of democracy started at that time. The results of this system were clearly seen since at that time Athens was at the height of its glory. ...read more.


It was also said that position within the administration did not depend on wealth or class, but on ability, achievements and character. It is widely known that in Malta does not always apply! Political beliefs are necessary to have a certain position and this is one thing which confirms my theory, that certain Maltese are still very close-minded. Respect for the authority and obedience to the laws also apply today. It is necessary that people obey the law and it is very important that punishment is given to those who break the law. Although today we know that prison or capital punishment are not always a deterrent for wrong not to be done, it is important for justice to be practiced. Like today, people in ancient Greece had time for recreation and to enjoy leisure. ...read more.


In Malta, people who do not take interest in politics are considered to be as persons without principles and living in the clouds. Often we are more interested in speaking nonsense about unimportant topics rather than talking and discussing serious current affairs like for example the referendum about the E.U. I wonder how many people know what it really involved. Many are too interested about what their political party leader says than to form their own ideas and opinions. Over the past years, we saw the fall of the Berlin Wall and the fall of Communism in many countries, and this shows the power of democracy. Unfortunately, certain events, such as the deaths of Martin Luther King and Yitzak Rabinmay give a bad image of the real picture. In my opinion, the young generations realized that peace and serenity give much better results than war, and this is only obtained when living in a democracy. 1 Daniel Zahra ...read more.

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