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The Pressures on Teenagers

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The Pressures on Teenagers Today's teenagers are unruly and lack concentration. Their lack of concentration is a result of the plethora of distractions in society. Teenagers should be taught discipline and mobile phones, computer games etc should be banned from the age or 14 to 16. This would enable all teenagers to fulfil their potential at GCSE level. In today's society there are many pressures in the lives of teenagers. The tornado of school crashes through their lives causing destruction and chaos. This destruction causes so many demands and deadlines, that teenagers find it hard to cope. From this they turn to easier, less demanding options. These options come in the form of distractions, which range from material goods to unruly behaviour. They prefer to focus on places of relaxation than the turmoil of school. The answer to this problem in not to push these teenagers to different distractions, but to pull them back to education. The banning of commercial distractions would not make a substantial difference. If anything it would prove to be counter affective, as teenagers would turn to more extreme distractions from the pressure. We need to help to level out the lives of teenagers, instead of weighing them down with a whirlwind of stress and strain. In the twenty-first century teenagers find it hard to keep their lives in balance. ...read more.


Hassle from themselves to achieve the best they can do. But for others this best is never good enough. Everyone sees us teenagers as children who are lazy and ignorant of the world around us, children who can always achieve more than possible. We are not children, we are the adults of tomorrow, but no one else sees this. So they continue to get us more and more work. This overload of work becomes so overwhelming, that eventually sacrifices have to be made over social activities. For many teenagers, a normal day goes like this. Get up, have some breakfast, get ready for school, go to school, comeback from school, homework, which can be anything from half an hour to four hours, then possibly a bit of time to socialise, and then bed. Many times though, that little time left for socialising disappears as homework and coursework takes over. This is the socialising time that all teenagers need. With so much strain that builds up after a day of schooling, socialising releases that stress. There is no way that anyone can constantly work, work, work without relaxing at some point. To take away that relaxation would be foolish and cruel to all teenagers. As a country with a heart we cannot do this to our teenagers. Teenagers need to socialise, and by taking away the mobile phone would prove to make things even worse. ...read more.


They are almost adults, but do not have much say, and are rarely listen to with respect. Many listen to teenagers, but do not take in their views, or consider their opinions. This has to change. It is the teenagers who are the next generation, the generation who could change the country for better or for worse. Teenagers cannot achieve their roles in the future though, if they do not have the confidence to do so. Pressures put them down, stress demoralizes them, and strain takes away the confidence they need in the competitive world. Schools need to relieve them from this pressure, relieve them from the storm of work, which brews above them, and relieve them from the frightening prospects of the future. They may not be confident in this area, but schools do manage to promote self-confidence and expression of opinion so that if there were a ban, teenagers would not stand down. Teenagers need to be listened to. Teenagers need to be consulted. Teenagers need to be helped, and by doing that we help our selves. Adults, you were once teenagers, and you made your futures. You need to help teenagers of today to make theirs. Malcolm S. Forbes (1919-1990) said, "Education is to replace an empty mind with an open one." We need to replace the mind of teenagers, not with pressure and hardship, but with an open mind, which is determined, and has the want to succeed. 3 Holly Phillips ...read more.

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