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The principle of the yin and yang is embedded in all facets of my life

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Bertrand Tang Chn50 A December 13, 2004 Dr. Navarro The principle of the yin and yang is embedded in all facets of my life. But its operations have taken the subtlest of forms, unfolding through a kind of shy conspiracy, an inner dynamism in the nature of things. Such qualities are inherent in the way Chinese traditions view things, as the web that has no weaver, an intricate and interlaced patterns of relationships of all that there is without a known creator and creation day. It is far different from a historical timeline or a linear logic. It surmises that everything is related to everything else and lays heavy emphasis on what is now that must be appreciated and contemplated upon rather than dwelling on the past or what will be in the future. In the Chinese philosophical traditions, the truth of things is here and now and is laid as a never ending patchwork of bonds and connections. ...read more.


The same 12-hour cycle is embedded into the bigger 24-hour cycle characterized either by consciousness (yang) and sleep (yin). When we are conscious, we are awake and aware of internal and external stimuli, thus we are actively adapting to the circumstances. While asleep, we are still, at ease and relaxed. The Repair Theory of Sleep has very yin underpinnings, holding that sleep restores, replenishes and rebuild our brains and bodies that are somehow worn-out by day's working activities. As I step into the world outside my room, I see a bigger picture with more yin and yang relationships. The social structure is made up of opposing links and overlying relationships. In our patriarchal society, men (yang) are expected to be the more dominant and influential in decision making vis-�-vis women (yin) who are expected to be submissive and docile. ...read more.


as a mother. A man on the contrary maybe yang relative to her wife and his children but is subservient and passive (yin) relative to his boss who makes all significant decisions. Among their circle of friends they can be both yin and yang depending on who they are being compared with and what aspect of their personality is being compared. Thus, yin and yang is principle of relativity, acquiring for us meaning always in relation with other people. Our world is a world of plurality and conflicts - always a potential groundwork for the actualization of the yin and yang. Being true to the principles of yin and yang, we must contemplate on and appreciate this plurality as it creates a more diverse and inspired world for us. More often than not, we rarely take time to see the beauty of this creative tension emerging from differences and oppositions. Perhaps if we do, we will consciously work towards the full realization of yin and yang which is harmony. ...read more.

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