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the rainforest

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The rainforest What is the rainforest? The rainforest is the earth's oldest living ecosystems, they are very beautiful. They contain over half the worlds animals and plants. I describe the rainforest as a jungle, with lots of trees and animals and plants and they need the rainforest to survive. While doing some research I found out some very shocking facts. I found out that the rainforest covered 14% of the earths land surface and now it only covers 6% and experts claim that if the rainforest continues to be cut down that the last remnants of the rainforest could be gone in less than 40 years. The rainforest is disappearing rapidly due to many reasons and one obvious one is the wood on the trees is being used for fuel and charcoal, another thing they use the wood for is to make furniture. ...read more.


Once upon a time there were ten million living there, now there only remain 200,000. These Humans are dying out because we are cutting down there homes and taking away there land and these people rely on the natural resources for medicine, but when humans from the city come in they bring in their viruses, their colds, and many other illnesses. There are men who provide medicine for these people and they are known as shamans and the ones that remain are 70 or 80 years old, so each time a medicine man dies, it's as if a whole city has burnt down, I say this because if this very important man dies then he won't have time to pass his facts down onto the next generation. ...read more.


Why the rainforest is so important? Peruvian monkey just one of the animals that live In the rainforest The plants and animals in the rainforest have given us a lot of natural resources for the survival and well being of humankind. These resources like I mentioned before include food, fuel, shelter and medicine. Sadly because of this deforestation it brings nasty consequences like air and water pollution, soil erosion, more carbon dioxide being breathed into the air, the loss of the Indians and the extinction of animals and plants. Fewer rainforests means global warming. What can be done? One simple thing human beings can do to save the rainforest is when the trees are being chopped down, well they should replant, to preserve the rainforest which isn't hard. ...read more.

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