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The sociology of education key points. Different topics need to know - notes

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Sociology The sociology of education key points. Different topics need to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 1 Socialisation consists of the process of becoming a full member of a society accepting all of its ideas, values and patterns of behaviour. 2 Socialisation is more important than the biological drives or instincts that we have. 3 Animal behaviour in general is determined by instinct, very rarely by learning. On the other hand, human behaviour is largely determined by learning. 4 This can be seen in the variety of different forms of human behaviour in different cultures. 5 People who are not socialised lack most of the attributes we normally associate with being human. 6 There are two aspects of socialisation: primary and secondary. 7 Primary socialisation is learning that takes place within intimate groups, such as the family and the peer group. 8 Secondary socialisation is the more formal learning patterns that take place in the school. ...read more.


20 Role conflict is when two or more roles go against one another. 21 Status is the position of a particular person or social role in society. 22 The school curriculum consists of all the subjects taught at school that prepare the pupil for adulthood. 23 The hidden curriculum consists of all the values and expectations that are taught to the pupil in the informal relationships between teachers and pupils and amongst pupils themselves. These may actually conflict with the official curriculum. Pupils learn expectations regarding social class, gender and race in particular. 24 The education system in Britain has developed mainly as a result of the need for more and better skilled manpower. Recent developments today such as NVQs and YTS all show that education is closely related to skill training. 25 However, it is not just demands for skilled workers that caused the changes in the education system. ...read more.


what happens inside the school, particularly the actions of the teachers and the peer group, can help the middle-class child and harm the working-class child. 29 Girls perform differently in the educational system from boys. It has been suggested that this is mainly due to the way society crates gender roles which stress how males and females ought to behave. The result is that girls are directed towards caring and routine white-collar types of courses. 30 The ethnic minorities differ in their educational performances from whites. Although some Asians in particular perform exceptionally well, others, such as those of Afro-Caribbean origin and Bangladeshis, perform poorly. Explanations vary but it is generally agreed that as the majority of people in the ethnic minorities belong to the working class, the same explanations are useful for their failure. In addition, intentional and unintentional racism are important. 31 Britain cannot be said to be a meritocracy as so many of the children of the working class, the ethnic minorities and many girls fail to achieve their full potential from the education system. ...read more.

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