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The Treatment of Immigrants In our Society

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Joe Treble G.C.S.E. Coursework-Original Writing The Treatment of Immigrants In our Society "Go back home!" A phrase that many would agree summarizes the general public view and attitude towards immigrants in areas of our country today. To many, 'Great Britain' is a symbol of refuge from other disturbed parts of the world; an image promoted by the current government and other British international political figures. So why then are foreign families and communities in search of a better quality of life, welcomed in to unfamiliar societies with racial abuse? There obviously must be something wrong or missing in our society for the nurturing system set up by our government to end in angered cases of violence and even murder. Can it be that the ongoing debate over the amount of immigrants and asylum-seekers allowed to inhabit Britain annually has been an easy attraction for public criticism and has consequently spurred racism? ...read more.


Examples of vandalism and prejudice have been experienced by wealthier immigrants; those who have set up successful businesses in foreign countries, only to suffer from the wrath of jealous inhabitants. It is my view that this sort of abuse should not be tolerated, just because someone comes from a different part of the very same world as another person. Although our government receives much of the criticism if the system of immigration fails, it is realistically down to the public to take responsibility for the ill treatment of immigrants in our society. For years to come foreigners will apply to live in Britain seeking refuge and a better life. However our society needs to change if our country is to continue to be seen as a symbol of sanctuary. ...read more.


Clearly this uneducated view is becoming increasingly rare as we move in to the twenty-first century. Whilst it is important to keep traditions and cultures, a multi-cultural society free from prejudice looks promising for the future. However, this will never be achieved whilst people keep alive old and unfashionable views of superior races. I find it worryingly amazing how our society today can adopt the same method of pointing the blame at immigrants for our mis-fortunes, as ignorant civilians blamed 'witches' for failing crops in the Medieval Times. Unfortunately it is part of our nature to point the blame, but I however feel it is time to move on. No longer should our society dis-regard immigrants as fellow inhabitants. No longer should victims such as Damilola Taylor make the headlines simply for belonging to an immigrant family. No longer should our society pass the responsibility of the ill treatment of immigrants. ...read more.

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