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The trials and tribulations of being a teenager.

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The trials and tribulations of being a teenager. As a teenager, life explodes into a cosmos of complications. You're suddenly allowed to do this, but not that. People expect you to take on a more adult role, yet still treat you as a child. However, it's easy to what teenage society expects of you. Many adults don't fully understand the complexity of teenage society, but who can blame them? It makes complex microbiology look like a lesson in the finer art of tying your shoelaces. Some try to understand by putting teenagers into solid categories such as, "Goths" or "Skaters." Unfortunately they come nowhere close. No child classifies themselves as any particular type. They refuse to do so for fear that they will make immediate enemies; there are no clear cut lines. In this awkward vacuum, the small frightened lambs group together in pack, as they cannot survive by themselves, and rely on the protection of the group. In turn, they give support to any in their group when they see it to be a popular motion. Instead of having to approach these large "categories" of teens, you have to approach each pack or tribe differently. ...read more.


Unfortunately, teenagers make life more difficult for themselves by trying to catapult themselves into a higher status through lies, saying how, for example, a male teen managed to "pull a bird" at a club, when in fact, nothing happened. This raises the stakes for the other people in that group, who then may also feel the need to lie, causing a spiral of lies and abolishment of self confidence. These lies usually pass through a group as teenagers seem infinitely better at lying to each other, than convincing a teacher that they, "Left their homework at home." Teenagers still have to deal with everything else too. For example, I wake up from my nightly nap much earlier than the rest of my family; they occasionally wake from hibernation just in time to see me shuffle reluctantly out of the house. If caught, they bombard me with patronising comments. Some might think that this is simply a show of their love, wanting to make sure their son was safe, but the comments become so simple it becomes obvious they expected me to do something stupid. ...read more.


Many older people wish they could re-live this period of their life, but I believe their view has probably been overlaid by nostalgia. Who would want this horribly complicated social structure? Who would want to be patronised by most of the population? Interestingly, the government imposes the same message as you pay taxes from the age of sixteen, yet you cannot vote on who spends this money until you're eighteen. They, too seem to believe the younger population are too stupid to vote, and should by no means be given the power to alter the state of the government. Everyone has been a teenager, and they probably swore to themselves that they wouldn't become like the adults of their day. However, it seems people change, forget and simply can't resist wielding their staff of power over those below them in the social hierarchy. This, in a way, is a very example of how power corrupts. Teenage life teaches you several important lessons though. Life isn't fair, help isn't always their, and sometimes, you just have to fight your own battles. ...read more.

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