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The two characters that I will choose for my comparative study are 'Bua' from 'The Heart Breaks Free' and 'Ursula Iguran' from 'The 100 Years Of Solitude'.

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The topic of the role of women in society has been discussed globally for many years, it is discussed to such an extent that every other society is looking in to it, and one of those societies belong to the subcontinent. Due to this, I choose to write my world lit assignment on it. I will attempt to analyze and compare two female characters from the book 'The heart breaks free' by Ismat Chugtai and 'The 100 Years of Solitude' by Nobel prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Ismat chugtai writes truly about women and how they were degraded and emotionally dominated by men in their society, while on the other hand Marquez writes about the strength and intelligence of his female characters and how they dominated their men, although this was not the true purpose of Marquez's writing. Ismat Chugtai belonged to the subcontinent, and chose to write this particular book during World War 2, she was in her 30's at the time and observed with a great curiosity of the way of life around her, especially the women who led a suffocating existence restrained within ...read more.


She spends all her life in distress and solitude. She is physically and mentally oppressed by the domination of the men in her life, and is not able to do any thing except of weep 'like all other stupid women'. She embodies the portrayal of women in the society before the partition of India and Pakistan. She stays "down- to-earth, home bound and unstable". " A woman is not safe without a man by her side," Maulvi Sahib explained. This statement tells us a great deal about the mentality of the society of the subcontinent, and conversely how there is no problem surrounding the issue of security of women in Maccondo. Women in the sub continent were looked down upon and suppressed as they had no other mean of living except to get married and raise children. Ursula on the other side was also a housewife, but stayed truly sturdy, and tackled all her problems with solemnity and intelligence. She would go about, in concern of her children where ever and when ever. ...read more.


Law abiding, demoralized, agitated and jealous is the way I would define the women of the subcontinent, while the women of Macondo would be described as dominant, out spoken, carefree and down to earth. By comparing both novels I have come to conclusion that what ismat chugtai stuggled for all her life, was certainly for a purpose, a reason which in her perspective and all of the other women's perspective was right, although a very few women got up to fight for there rights, ismut chugtai fought forcefully, as her writings got conveyed. In relation to the women of Maccondo I think the women shouldn't get that open as there will always lie barriers in between societies as religion and belief plays an important role, but also they shouldn't get so caught up in the believes of others that they forget how to stay stable. When I say stable I mean that they should get them selves educated, and should be capable enough to support themselves at crucial times, like Aunt Qudsia relied on her husband so much, that she had agreed to stay all her life as a servant. WORLD LITRITURE ASSIGNENMENT THE ROLE OF WOMEN. FROM: Bilal Khalid ...read more.

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