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The Young Couple

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The Young Couple Plot Summary It is a story about a newly married couple and their struggle to be independent. The wife is English and the husband is Indian. They decide to live in India. When they arrive they are full of plans and excitement as they see their new life together as a welcome challenge. As the story progresses it becomes clear that the husband will not be able to find work without the help of his parents. Their dreams of independence are slowly corroded by the "Indian way of life and by the end of the story the couple find themselves on the brink of moving in with the husband's family. ...read more.


Additionally the young woman in her "tower" looks down and the life she views from her apartment window is that of the traditional India. "Sometimes she looked down into the courtyards, to see men shaving, servants lighting fires, sometimes birds wheeling round and round the dome of the mausoleum. The role of women in Indian society The young woman in the story is frustrated by the way she is treated by her husband's family and friends. She is view as his possession and is further angered by the way in which her opinions are not ignored nor sort after. Her reaction to this is to shut herself away in her "tower". ...read more.


The Relationships between Parents and Children The husband's parents are keen for him to become involved in the family business. Initially this causes arguments between the two sides. The writer describes the parents' home as oppressive and suffocating showing how they are slowly taking over the lives of the young couple. "But it wasn't only what was said or hinted which disturbed Cathy and made her wish they could spend their Sundays in some other way: there was also the a certain heaviness about the house that weighed on her and made her feel oppressed, sleepy, liverish." By the end of the story the parents win the battle. Tradition overcomes modernity. The son accepts a job within the family business and the couple, who are by now expecting a child, are poised to move into the family home. ...read more.

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