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There Is More To The Picture Than What Meets The Eye.

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There Is More To The Picture Than What Meets The Eye. "There is more to the picture than what meets the eye" this is the base on which Michael Dudley made this film "Crazy People". This delightful yet thought provoking film serves a purpose of showing how ignorant our society has become. The title clearly suggests how crazy our society really is. The satire in this film serves as a comfortable eye opener to a different reality. The film shows the manipulation of advertising agencies, the gullible personalities of consumers and how our society judges the mentally ill, to convey us a message that we all are a part of society which is ignorant, obsessed and cruel. "Advertising Is Selling Twinkies To Adults". Advertising agencies in this film have proven this quote true to the core. Advertising creates artificial needs in consumer (people). Luring them to purchase ordinary and expensive products for which they have little or no use. "Crazy People" shows this very effectively. The movie shows how advertising agencies make an ordinary and simple product special and glamorous, by using false and catchy statements to provoke consumers into buying what ever they want us to buy. ...read more.


Consumers are the people with the power of making purchasing decisions. This is very honestly shown in "Crazy People". The movie illustrates how consumers are manipulated into buying stuff they do not need or already have. The film shows how mentally numb people become while watching a colorful advertisements with beautiful women and catchy phrases, designed especially to attract them. For instance the advertisement for Porsche ran "it's a little small to get laid in, but you get laid the minute you get out of it". Just because of the catchy phrase, the consumers are blinded into buying a highly priced car. Showing how easily consumers can be fooled. Another example is the advertisement for the medicine for fat and ugly people which when bought would come with a free plant. This shows how dumb consumers have become and how materialistic our society has become. This film shows how obsessed our society has become with glamour and materials that it cannot tell the difference between truths and lies. "Crazy People" is successful in showing that our society is ignorant to such an extent that it never knows how, when and for what they were last suckered. ...read more.


This movie shows the difference between the mentally ill and normal people who are not even aware of being fooled. The movie shows that our society has become full of greed, false pride and is out of tune with reality to such an extent that we cannot tell the difference between truths and lies. This movie goes beyond this a makes a bold statement which is realized when we look on this film and our society this statement is that the people who make such societies are actually the crazy ones, not the mentally ill. All In All We Are Just Another Brick In The Wall. "Crazy People" is an eye opener for our society which is in a state of hypnosis at the hands of glamorous advertisements. This deprives us of basic common sense. The satire in this film, very efficiently and effectively points out the flaws the manipulation, ignorance and wrong attitude in our society and with a happy ending leaves us with the pleasant burden of looking at out selves and asking our selves that are we really just another brick in the wall. ...read more.

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