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This essay is aimed to distinguish between what Marx means by alienation in relation to productive activity and specie being, identify and use relevant concepts from Marx to analyse the attached reading A: maid to order, in the essay question booklet and

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This essay is aimed to distinguish between what Marx means by alienation in relation to productive activity and specie being, identify and use relevant concepts from Marx to analyse the attached reading A: maid to order, in the essay question booklet and to analyse why Marx believed that social relation in modern society are mediated by things. (1) Marx explained that alienation is about the loss of human powers in the society and alienation separates human from his natural word, activities and makes man lose control over his labor activity. Marx alienation from productive activity emerged when human are barred by alienation from realizing their potentials and creativities, this was achieved under capitalism by division of labor which finally led to specialization in a specified or a fixed area of labor activity or task. Marx believes that alienation of human from productive activities is as a result of the expansion of division of labor and limits the worker from getting more of it potentials and self-existence. Marx explains that workers sell their labor to the employer or the capitalist for his satisfaction which in return pays the workers in wages for the labor which he fixed for the workers and not the choice of the worker, this alienates the worker from the natural social behavior and labor activity i.e. ...read more.


In the maids to order the narrator explained in the 1st paragraph how they were made to scrub floor in the old fashion way, on their hands and knees, this is a punishment and violence posed by capitalism (Frankenstein) in order to maximize the industry's profit because if hands were not used then machines would have been purchased to do the job which will increase the merry maid's spending And also he referred the cleaning job as a physically punishing occupation In the 11th paragraph. Marx's concept of class explained that the state is formed on the basis of class structure and also defines class in relations to means of production. The bourgeois (capitalist and upper class) dominate and oppress the proletariats (working class), by employing the proletariats to work for him and the proletariats suffers violence, dictation and alienation (Frankenstein) when working for the bourgeois, the narrator in the maid to order refer the cleaning job in the 9th paragraph as a physically punishing occupation simply because he must have suffered class domination, exploitation and violence. The 5th paragraph also suggests class inequality, where the home owners (bourgeoisie) condemn the working class methods but suggest application of his. Also the 3rd paragraph explained that the franchise owners are usually middle class white person, and explained that the employer (middle class) ...read more.


In relationship to others, if a capitalist needs to fill a vacant post of a high level, he will definitely choose a candidate of his background or close to his class and not from other lower classes. Marx belief authority in bureaucracy is hierarchical, and according to Marx"bureaucracy is a hierarchy of knowledge and authority is the basis of it's knowledge and the claims to knowledge the basis of it's authority (Sayer.D 1991 pg. 78) i.e.. In bureaucracy individual have faith and obey the authority (government) who passes informations through it officials like the civil service to the entire people of a state who obey and take to it use. This was possible because the government was believed to be capable of ruling (knowledge) and the election or rightful succession gave government it right to rule (authority). Bureaucracy can influence social relations' interms of people being ruled from the top and taking to their policies and orders, which can change their entire life like tax, increase. Capitalist bureaucrats also possess this to dominate and control their employees, since the employee obeys and take to their employers orders to shape and fix their labor activity, then this total submission of labor activity to the employer will influence and change their normal social relation e.g. if you are formally self employed and your relationship then is dependent but getting employed by a capitalist then bureaucracy in capitalism will change your social relations to inter-dependence because you now work as a subject to a capitalist. ...read more.

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