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Three Sisters - Insights

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Three Sisters - Insights I have never seen or read Chekov's plays until my Russian class at UNCG. I have heard many things about Chekov's writings from many people especially my sister. University back where I come from, Georgia, is emphasizing greatly in literature, and my sister who is six ears older then me, had to read most of the plays. I was partly ready for what to expect, I was ready for kind of tragedy and some humor in it as a mean of comic relief. When I went to the play, after first few scenes, I realized that it is going to be an interesting play. I was raised on watching plays in theaters, in Georgia; one will not be considered educated if not visiting theaters occasionally. ...read more.


They were just in pursue of happiness without knowing what to changes to make but willing to try anything even work. One of the three sisters wanted to take this change and pursue happiness by relocating to Moscow. Moscow was a "metaphor for happiness, and elusive destination" as view by Chekov. The lives of the characters are not happy at all, they all seem to seek for something to better their lives, but nobody really finds it. The ending of the play was even more shocking, we found out at the end that Baron, who liked one of the sisters was killed during the duel. That even made the play more dramatic. Another cause the play seemed so dramatic for me was the constant discussion of life throughout it, and the use of the phrase "what difference does it make". ...read more.


We saw some ignorance, for the people to calm themselves down, they couldn't accomplish happiness by change so they said that it doesn't make any difference to calm them down and move on. The play "Three Sisters", I thought was very thoughtful and powerful play. I wish not only students in Russian class but many other UNCG students would have seen it. It describes the past rather well and also informs that living wealthy or well of, in a society where you do not belong to, could be rather tragic. Everybody needs change and everybody is changing, but what Chekov accomplished writing this play was getting people think of how constant desire for blind change can be a hard, long and very tiring way of life and that maybe we should accept things as they are, and try to enjoy life as it is. God Bless America and Chekov's "Three Sisters". ...read more.

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