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Throughout the history of man, numerous people have pondered the same question: what is the meaning of life?

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Julie Jentzen February 21, 2001 Intermediate Composition Professor Cruz Throughout the history of man, numerous people have pondered the same question: what is the meaning of life? Although nearly all people are too afraid to even think about something as deep as this, others devote their entire lives searching for what their purpose or role on Earth really is. It is said that if one completes his or her quest, and truly figures out the meaning of their life, they will be in pure ecstasy, and that is something that every human being strives for. How, or if, they achieve that, is strictly up to them. Human beings are an inquisitive species who like to solve mysteries and to explain the inexplicable. People want to know the "who, what and why's", and to make sense of it all. It is a trait that distinguishes humans from other animals. As a species, people are especially puzzled by the contradictory nature of life, that so much beauty and joy can coexist with so much pain and suffering. ...read more.


His individual spirit felt contained by societal standards, standards he despised. Chris was not crazy. Simply, he was a seeker. He wanted answers, as most humans do. Most of us decide to either accept the ones we are given or live without knowing. Chris wanted none of this. His individuality has caused some to question his intentions. Some doubt his sanity. Christopher McCandless was perfectly sane, saner than most. He simply wanted to find his own conclusions and stop allowing others to lead his life. Which is a feeling many have, yet few act upon. His adventure cost him his life, but provided him with a newfound happiness he had never come to know. Chris was an intelligent young man, maybe too intelligent, one might say. He was very captivated by the writings of Tolstoy, London, and Thoreau, all of who forsaken their lives to wander among the destitute, possibly causing Chris in search of a raw, transcendent experience. Throughout Chris's life, he was always pushing himself to be the best that he could possibly be. ...read more.


"One of his two notes plea for help, addressed to anyone who might come upon the camp while the hiker searched for food. The second note bids the world goodbye..." (New York Times, September 1992. P. 98). . It was then that I believe he realized that he couldn't survive on his own, and that he needed the help of others in order to live life to the fullest. When people are on the verge of a near-death experience, their whole outlook on life changes, usually for the better, and I believe that if Chris had made it out of those Alaskan woods, all his questions about life and what it means would have been answered. There are many personal obstacles in life that people have to overcome. To overcome these obstacles is a great accomplishment. Although Chris McCandless didn't survive his quest into the woods of Alaska, I still believe that he completed his goal of escaping from society, and finding what his true purpose on this planet is. Chris McCandless deserves much admiration, because he did what most people are too afraid to do; find themselves. ...read more.

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