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Titanic - does it have historical significance today?

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Harry Courtney 9LG The Titanic I believe the sinking of the Titanic in April 1912 has some historical significance to today. After hitting an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean, Titanic began to sink, the lifeboats were launched, but there were not enough and as a result over 1,500 people died. The event was certainly famous, we know this as at the time all the newspapers were reporting on it, also it has lots of websites, books that say all about it. These are all different types of sources that tell us just how important the disaster was in history. The Titanic was on an important voyage as it was trying to beat the record for the transatlantic crossing, it was also on its first voyage which is called the 'maiden voyage'. The ship was deemed special as the papers called it 'unsinkable' but when it came to crunch this was not the case. Also there were famous people on board such as 'Sir Cosmo and Lady Duff Gordan' those two were quite special at the time and were given special treatment and they were in the first lifeboat. ...read more.


People argue over lots of things about the 'Titanic' some of the things they argue about are 'what else apart from the iceberg was to blame', was it 'Captain Smith's fault?' as he ignored iceberg warnings sent from over vessels. Also people blame the SS California for turning off their radio; by doing this they couldn't hear the Titanic's distress signal and they could have saved most of the people. They argue about these things as everybody has their views. 'The Titanic' film made in 1997 was all about the Titanic's journey across the Atlantic. It also tells of a relationship between a third class passenger Jack (Leonardo Di Caprio) and a first class passenger Rose (Kate Winslet) as it progresses. The film tries to include some facts but if it just showed what happened then the audience would not be as large as it was. This film was a huge success. The event is still used as an example of how over confidence or 'big headedness' can lead to the downfall of something, even those deemed indestructible. ...read more.


This is also shown by the lifeboat listings. There were different classes on board as not everybody could afford first or second class prices and first class passengers didn't want to have to dine with third class passengers, and it was the same when getting into the lifeboats. In conclusion I believe that the sinking of the Titanic is historically significant because it was trying to break the transatlantic crossing whilst on its maiden voyage but it all went terribly wrong. I think that the unfortunate result was not all the fault of the iceberg. It was a mixture of decisions made by Captain Smith, engineers work, and the iceberg. This unhappy story has affected many things including how ships are built, sailing rules, ice berg watching etc. The sinking of the Titanic provided lots of historical interest and information and if it had not happened we would not have learnt from it. Therefore it must be significant. ...read more.

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