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To examine, using sociological evidence, put forward by several sociologist whether or not religion is indeed essential for the proper running of society.

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RELIGION Table of Contents Question___________________________________________________________3 Objective___________________________________________________________3 Introduction________________________________________________________3 Analysis of Functionalist and Marxist Perspectives on Religion_____________________4 Bibliography________________________________________________________8 Question Is Religion Essential For the Proper Running Of Society? Objective To examine, using sociological evidence, put forward by several sociologist whether or not religion is indeed essential for the proper running of society. Introduction As a sociological topic religion must be deemed one of the most important, because of the way it can affect and has affected societies and the people living in those societies. Religion is essentially everywhere and is a part of everything we do in most cases it controls our very actions. Religion must first be defined so as to develop a better understanding of the word, it is defined as a set of beliefs, norms and roles that seek to answer basic questions of life: What happens after death? And what is the meaning of life?1 Analysis of Functionalist and Marxist Perspectives on Religion Can society run without religion? ...read more.


It should be noted however that some laws spark controversy when based on moral belief because there may be an un-ignorable difference in belief between major religious groups or between religious groups and society in general. One example of this is the battle of legalising abortion and the difference in the opinion on the use of contraceptives' in America and the Caribbean alike. Parsons sees religion as addressing certain problems that occur in all societies. It (religion) would not be needed if life progressed smoothly and without incident but humans tend to be adversely affected by unforeseen events, which they therefore cannot prepare for, such as death. Religion provides adjustment to those events and restores the regular pattern of life2. Religion is not an institution of luxury; it is not present so that members of the society have the option of believing in a supernatural being. It is an institution on necessity and another function it serves, is to provide people with a certain kind of attitude towards the world and life in general. ...read more.


Religion in the Caribbean society is best described by its main functions and it is suggested that those are belonging, meaning and comfort. Durkheim originated the idea of belonging as religion being the source of social interaction and that it is the cement that holds society together in the face of both internal and external threats. Meaning being Weber's idea that religion provides a way of looking at the world- a set of definitions and idea that guides ones thinking. Religion provides comfort, serenity and reassurance; it supports existing institutions and provides social stability4. Durkheim sums up the answers to main the question; she "believed that social life is impossible without the shared values and moral beliefs which form the collective consciousness. In their absence there would be no social order, social control, social solidarity or co-operation. In short there would be no society."5 This statement proves that religion is indeed essential, not only for society to run. But for society to even exist, religion must be present. ...read more.

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